Peter Inglis in an RAAF F-111 at Amberley Air Force base, 1995.
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June 22nd 2001


The listbot service I have been using to run the mail list is changing their terms of agreement so I have migrated the list to - MiGMan at MSN communities - ( - not current info - ) - Current list members will receive an invitation to re-subscribe.


Chuck Yeager's Air Combat - 1990.

This was one of the first entries in the Museum. He he he - in the beginning the Museum was housed on one, two, then three pages as it grew. Anyway I digress. There's quite a bit of Chuck Yeager info here now.

I was going to describe my ST to PC conversion but Lars Gramkow Nielsen' - Chuck Yeager's Air Combat

ALSO - I've added, courtesy of Mark Hermonat, a free utility to keep track of your pilot's career in Chuck Yeager's Air Combat

Falcon in Europe


Mission Disk 2 for Falcon added a whole new level of dynamism - with aggressive MiGs and Beyond Visual Range engagments. Also read about Rowan's concepts - direct from 1990.


Commodore 737 sim

Flight Path 737 was written for the Commodore 64. Does anyone have more details about this sim?

WW2 fans to the rescue

World War 2 Fighters by Janes - 1998 World War 2 Fighters by Janes - 1998

The dedicated fans at WW2 Fighters Online have now made available a CD ROM full of addons for World War 2 Fighters

  • Skins
  • Terrain Sets
  • Campaign sets
  • Utilities
  • DCE (Dynamic Campaign Engine) for the sim which let's you choose one aircraft/squadron that you can fly indefinitely - better sounds and heaps more.