Peter Inglis in an RAAF F-111 at Amberley Air Force base, 1995.
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August 10th 2001

I'm back !

Still jet lagged but back at the MiG-coal-face, I have a bucketload of stories to tell. Give me a few weeks to scan, edit and type and I'll tell the tale of "Occupation Denmark".

In the meantime here's some museum business...


Longbow from Janes

Just prior to my European Odyssey I loaded up Longbow Anthology and had a whizz around. I've added a few battle snaps and a closeup of the Kiowa Warrior Cockpit.

PC Pilot 11

PC Pilot Magazine Issue 11. I saw this on the shelves in Danish railways and magazine shops during July. Good one chaps!


Jet - 1980's Jet Combat.
Michael Woodley developed the scenery for Flight Simulator 2. He recalls:

" The game Jet was developed by Charles Guy using Bruce Artwick's technology. He adapted it for the IBM-PC. I don't recall any version of it for any other platform but that was years ago so it may have slipped my memory. It had the interesting feature of being able to run Scenery Disks developed for Flight Simulator.

Well, thanks to the Flight Sim Museum visitors we now have evidence of a few other versions:
  • Apple ][e version
  • Apple Mac version
  • Commodore 64 version
- all in the Jetgallery.

LAS 86

Thijs Cornelissen remembers LAS 86

Aircraft in action

IL-28 Beagle

Giorgio snapped this IL-28 Beagle in Albania. I had previously tagged it as an IL-18... ooops !

B-1B Lancer in action.

Chino whipped out his telephoto lens and grabbed this B-1B Lancer performing an improbably high Angle of Attack pass at an airshow in Cape Cod.