Peter Inglis in an RAAF F-111 at Amberley Air Force base, 1995.
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August 17th 2001

New Mail - list

I've finally found a good mail-list provider and will move back to regular updates. I've imported all the existing members. If you want to sign up go here :

Jetfighter series

JetFighter III - 1997

Jetfighter II - this was one of the first Flight sims I saw on the PC. I remember teaching a friend of mine how to turn on to the bogey using the Immelman and Split-S!!!!! Simple stuff but they were the simple days.....

Avenger A-10 ran an excellent interview with Andy Bush - ex F-4 Phantom and A-10 jock - so I thought it appropriate to add more info about this 1991 A-10 sim - Avenger A-10


Snowstrike was a sim for the Commodore 64 which may have had the very first Carrier take off and landings.

It almost definitely had the only PARACHUTE simulation we've seen in a sim ! ! - Snowstrike

Enhance your Memory!

He he he - no this is not a late night infomercial. I upgraded the memory of the Celeron-466 to 500 MEG from 64 MEG. Definitely speeds things up.

Wings of Glory

Tom Cervo tracked down an interview with Warren Spector, the producer of Wings of Glory which confirms the loving care that went into this 1995 sim - one of the very last DOS VGA sims.

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