Peter Inglis in an RAAF F-111 at Amberley Air Force base, 1995.
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October 19th, 2001

Merlin - helicopter sim

 Merlin - Helicopter sim


Rory Geoghan reminded me about this great little sim. It's a good way to kill 10 minutes and you can run it with the keyboard. Ideal for a laptop. You can download it here too. Merlin

Comanche 4: dazzling reflections

Comanche 4

Comanche 4

This looks like a winner judging by the screenshots. The ripples and reflections in the water are surely created by a new-fangled 3-D effect that my Creative 3D Blaster Bansheedoesn't support so it may well be time to upgrade the graphics card.

Calculator Flight Sims

Flight Sims on Calculators

Calculator sims

Hot air balloons and calculators. Sound exciting? How about a lunar landing? This was heady stuff in 1980. These were the days when the ZX81 had 1K of memory. Not 1 megabyte - that's 1024 bytes. Just 1K - Calculator sims

Eurofighter Typhoon: Angle of Attack

Eurofighter Typhoon - 2001

Eurofighter Typhoon

It's often been said that the measure of good flight modelling is how well a sims handles AOA. On that basis Eurofighter Typhoon shapes up pretty well. Having fun in the Eurofighter.. .. ..Eurofighter Typhoon

Aircraft in Flight Sims

Aircraft in Action

As of June 2009 the latest news and updates will be indexed at

I've started compiling lists of the sims which feature particular aircraft. I've only listed flyable aircraft.
  • Flight sims featuring the B-17 Flying Fortress
  • Flight Sims featuring the English Electric Lightning
  • Flight Sims featuring the F-104 Starfighter
  • Flight Sims featuring the F-111
  • Flight Sims featuring the F-15 Eagle and Strike Eagle
  • Flight Sims featuring the F-22 Lightning
  • Flight Sims featuring the F-4 Phantom