Peter Inglis in an RAAF F-111 at Amberley Air Force base, 1995.
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October 27th, 2001

Check Six

Check Six was the first flight simulation from Pegasus Japan on the NEC PC-9801 Series. In this game the player is a mercenary pilot who gets rewarded for successful missions and can buy aircraft.

A-10 Cuba Box scans

A-10 Cuba (1996) by Parsoft A-10 Cuba (1996) by Parsoft
Exhibit - A-10 Cuba
Release Date - 1996
Developer - Parsoft Interactive
Publisher - Activision
Collection - Yes. Two.
Comments - A-10 Cuba by Eric "Hellcats" Parker is a fluid and exciting sim which ran well on modest PC's. I added box scans to this classic sim. "The handling from taxiing to landing is pure flight sim joy! The wealth of detail, smoothness and sense of speed add up to an addictive experience. "

Air Force Delta Storm: Preview screens

Air Force Delta Storm - 2001

Air Force Delta Storm

This sim - or game ? - is being developed by Konami for release on the X-box in 2001.

Beginners Take-off

I've compiled a list of takeoff guides and checklists - Beginners - (see main index: FAQ: Sticky)

Multi -Monitors

Multi Monitors in the Flight Sim Museum Hardware Gallery

The MiGpit MkII is going to have multi monitor display. Using Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2 I tried some options out on a single monitor in the effort to see what is going to be the most useful hardware configuration: Wide view - Banking - Dogfight - Dogfight refined - Fisheye.