Peter Inglis in an RAAF F-111 at Amberley Air Force base, 1995.
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November 29th, 2001

Thrustmaster - Weapons Control System Mk II

Thrustmaster Weapons Control System Mk II

I'll never forget the first time I tried one. It was about 1990. A friend had a 486 66 Mhz - a hot machine at the time. It was hooked up to a beefy sound system and he was running Jetfighter II. Read on - Thrustmaster Weapons Control System Mk II

Finished the campaign in Eurofighter Typhoon

Eurofighter Typhoon - 2001

I finally finished the campaign and am feeling very pleased with myself - even if I did resort to an unorthdox solution. A few gripes aside - which I've outlined in the exhibit - this was the best month or so of flying I've had in a loooong time. Read on: Eurofighter Typhoon.

Eurofighter Typhoon - the aircraft and the sims

Eurofighter Typhoon - There are not too many aircraft that can pull a loop in dry power from level flight... add the HOTAS, Direct Voice Input and a Helmet Mounted Symbology System and you have one of the most formidable high-tech fighters of the 21st century. Eurofighter Typhoon - Cockpit Eurofighter Typhoon - Cockpit

I gathered a few factoids together about the Eurofighter cockpit, It is interesting to compare the real a/c to the sim treatments in EF 2000 and Eurofighter Typhoon. EF 2000had the buttons and Eurofighter Typhoongot the concept! There's also an outline of the Eurofighter airshow routine - Eurofighter Typhoon.

The early 1980's who'd want to go back?

Flightsim by Psion for the Sinclair Spectrum

"This is where it all started, looking at three dials and flying at night on a crummy TV !!! ;I seem to remember it took about 30 minutes to load off the tape, with a 60% failure rate." The good old days - the early 1980's who'd want to go back? Flightsim by Psion for the Sinclair Spectrum

A Dutch friend of the Museum

Julian Sallows

" My first sim was Flightsim by Psion for the Sinclair Spectrum. I really don't understand why I spent hours looking at about 6 dials and nothing else. " Julian "Gremlin" Sallows

Rotor-head and friend of the Museum

Bob "De Janitor" Roberts

I have known Bob since the Flight Sim Museum opened as MiGMan's Combat Diary in October 1998. He encouraged me from the very beginning and made some of the earliest contributions to the Flight Sim Museum. - Bob "De Janitor" Roberts

Old school sci-fi

The Andromeda Strain

In The Andromeda Strain the plot is an old standby :"Earth is invaded by Aliens and our four heroes save the day".... but there's a twist or two ! The Aliens aren't 7 feet tall with acid blood and the heroes aren't tall with lust in their blood. In fact, our heroes are middle aged - not too attractive - and their super weapon is ... the mind!.

Heavy bombers in action

Fatal Terrain - Dale Brown combines actual weapons systems, tactics and strategies with his own

Fatal Terrain by Dale Brown. The general story will be a bit predictable to anyone who has followed the series, and I'm not saying that's a bad thing. You will know what to expect - lot's of action packed sequences involving every permutation of engagement between ships - fighter aircraft, SAM's and of course Brown's favourite - the heavy bombers.