Peter Inglis in an RAAF F-111 at Amberley Air Force base, 1995.
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December 23rd, 2001

Flight Simming on a budget

Red Star over Korea - A joint project by Mike Eustace & Doug Attrell.  These missions are set during the early stages of the Korean War in 1950 / 51, and take place over the excellent and authentic Korean scenery created by Bill Potvin.

It doesn't have to cost the earth and you don't need a brand new computer with all the bells and whistles to enjoy Flight Sims. I've just played 84 missions - NOT counting replays - in Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator (1998). I played the campaigns which come with the sim - there's 48 missions - and then downloaded Mike Eustace and Doug Attrell's fabulous Korean campaigns which gave me another 36 missions of fast jet action and carrier ops.

Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator (1998)will run quite well on a Pentium 233 and a modest graphics card - I used a Creative 3D Blaster Bansheethe first time around. For a controller I used the Top Gun Afterburner II.

Check out the Korean Missions:
Valley Forge (2002)
Thunderjets Over Korea
Red Star over Korea

Hardware 101 - Setting up your sticks

Basic Button setup for Air Combat sims

Flight sims can be pretty darned confusing for folks. I remember it took me years to be able to land in the things! I manage it now - most of the time anyway Smiling

And those controllers - what are all the buttons for? What do they do? I was reminded about this dilemma just the other night when watching an air combat "epic" on video. It was the classic jet combat scene. The bad guy gets on the hero's tail. He decides to pull up vertically... the camera zooms in on him pulling back on the throttle!!!!
OK - sometimes you do pull back on the throttle but there seems to be a lot of confusion about what those dangles and dongles actually do. Here are my tips on setting up your throttle and joystick for basic combat flying - Basic Controls in Air Combat Sims

That Afterburner game

Although this was an arcade game rather than a sim it is worth a mention because it had a pretty good moving cockpit in the arcades and it probably got many people interested in flight sims. Well it may have!

Anyway the fact remains that if you tell someone that you're into Flight Simulators there is a pretty good chance they'll say "Oh, yeah - like Afterburner!"

Afterburner by Sega

Air Combat Yugeki-oh II lands

Air Combat Yugeki-oh II

Air Combat Yugeki-oh II was developed by SystemSoft for the NEC PC-9801 series of PC's in Japan. Satoshi "Bin" Hiranuma reported on this popular Japanese sim: Air Combat Yugeki-oh II

Satoshi's website -

AVIONICS  for PC combat flight simulation - Japanese Flight Simulation - -  >> 2010 update - web page gone << 

Xmas Face lift

I gave the Museum title bar a face lift and added a visual display over each year in the

Enemy still Engaged

Enemy Engaged  - Apache vs. Havoc

Still going strong in 2001, this sim set new standards for detail, smoothness - although it really needs at least a P300 - and the amazing dynamic campaign. Talk about virtual reality! You can add your own face to the pilots in EECvH. Over a year after it's release and this sim is still being modified by ardent chopper fans. There is now an Arctic Campaign and new sets of camouflage for vehicles and aircraft - plus a Russian Speech pack! Sean Tudor has also compiled a comprehensive set of links - Enemy Engaged: Apache vs. Havoc:

DX8 debug

It seems that in DX8, the debug output switch was left on for DirectSound, and this slows down sound processing and causes problems in some sims. Download this little file and you will be able to turn off the debug functions in DX8. - DX8 debug

25 minutes to load a mission

Friend of the Flight Sim Museum - Lars Gramkow Nielsen

"When we complain about missions taking too long to load in Falcon 4.0, hear this: 25 minutes to load a mission on the tape version of Gunship on the C64. Twenty-five minutes, I kid you not. Anyway, it was worth it. Having the opportunity to shoot down the fearsome, triangular-shaped Mi-24 Hind-D made it worth every second. I played Gunship until I was blue in the face." Recollections of a sim-maniac - Lars Gramkow Nielsen