Peter Inglis in an RAAF F-111 at Amberley Air Force base, 1995.
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March 15th, 2002

Really Easy Flights

  • Pressed for time?
  • You'd like to explore the world?
  • Do you find mastering the intricacies of flight navigation and complex aircraft a bit daunting?
Here are the first of my really really e a s y flights for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002. Microsoft have thoughfully provided preset scenic flights which take you to the world's natural wonders. But, as usual, I reckon they could have done better. One of the most immersive and fun parts of any flight sim is take-off and landing. So in this series I suggest quick and easy ways to combine the wonders of the world with a complete joy flight. Who can resist flying under or through a suspension bridge? Forget about rules and regulations, jump in, take off - and 15 minutes later come back in for a 3 point landing.

Really Easy Flights

Really Easy Flights
Giza - Pyramids
Hakodate, Japan
Hong Kong

Royal Air Force 2000
Royal Air Force 2000 was developed and published by Just Flight in 2000. What do you get? 25 flyable aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator 98, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 and Microsoft Combat Flight Sim a campaign set in 1940 for Microsoft Combat Flight Sim. The flyable aircraft fall into 7 categories:
  1. Pre WW2 Aircraft
  2. WW2 Bombers
  3. WW2 Fighters
  4. WW2 Espionage
  5. 1960ís Aircraft
  6. Modern Trainers
  7. Modern Aircraft
This week I look at:
  • 2002 compatibility
  • Box contents - Box Art
  • Campaign scenario
  • Cockpit gauges
  • BAe Hawk T.1A
  • English Electric Lightning T.4
Royal Air Force 2000

F-16 Combat Pilot
F16 Combat Pilot- This sim was a classic. I first played it in the 1980's on an Atari ST. The scenery was very basic but the cockpit was awesome! I used to fly on instruments most of the time and play with the comprehensive information available on the 3 Multi-Function Displays. I even managed to play it head to head with two Ataris joined by a null modem cable.
  • Splash Screens
  • Ready Room
  • The cockpit
  • Reference material
  • The box
  • Photos of the video display


Francisco J. Campos sent in the box art for this 1980's sim and Simon Robbins has just donated a copy to the Museum Collection - thanks lads!

FREE AREA (note that the entire content of the Museum is free to read now).

MSCFS3 interview with Tucker Hatfield has a great interview by Len "Viking 1" Hjalmarson with Tucker Hatfield about Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 3. Combatsim - Tucker Hatfield talks about the new features in Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 3 - new aircraft, better clouds, a dynamic online campaign engine.

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