Peter Inglis in an RAAF F-111 at Amberley Air Force base, 1995.
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April 26th, 2002


Artistic enthusiasts

When he's not fighting in the virtual skies, Francisco J. Campos pilots some of his artistic abilities toward painting leather and miniatures. Check out this replica of a Flying Tigers blood chit and these detailed WW2 miniatures :
What is a Blood Chit?Flying Tigers blood chit hand painted on leather by Francisco de Campos
Francisco J. Campos

Solo Flight on the AMIGA

Solo Flight was released in 1984 on the Atari 800 and Commodore Amiga.

One of the earliest sims, SoloFlight hails from the days when the Commodore Amiga reigned king of the graphics world!.

Origins of the Falcon Dynasty

F-16 Fighting Falcon - forerunner of the Falcon series - was developed by Nexa and published by SEGA in 1985.
Mark Hermonat reported : "Deep in the bowels of the Falcon 2.2 - the Mac version manual I found this and was quite intrigued.. " In 1984, Gilman Louie and Les Watts wrote F-16: The Real Dogfight Simulator for the MSX, a Japanese computer. From the outset, Gilman wanted players to be able to compete against each other in aerial combat.." - READ ON : F-16 Fighting Falcon - 1985

Graphics Innovations - Texture Mapping

texture-mapping texture-mapping-02
Graphics in computer games and simulations

Sabre Ace - 3DFX pioneer

Sabre Ace
Back in 1997 3D FX cards were hitting the market. The quantum leap in graphics capabiliies this provided to the average gamer can't be underestimated. But 5 years on it is difficult to remember those first steps. Mt first impression was that I could "reach into the screen and grab the planes !" They didn't look so much like real aircraft, as much as flying model aircraft. It was as if my collection of scale models had escaped into my computer! - Sabre Ace