Peter Inglis in an RAAF F-111 at Amberley Air Force base, 1995.
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January 17th, 2003

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The Cockpit Manufacturers index looks at companies who make components to serve the home - cockpit builder and professional training organisation.

Aimsworth manufactures the Viper 1 - a realistic F-16 cockpit and accessories.

Real Cockpit make realistic civil aviation sim components.
Real Cockpit

Real Simulator - F-16 cockpits for the home user.
Real Simulator

Cold War DOS sim


Remember the Cold War ! That was the war we used to have when we weren't having a war ....

" This is Vladimir Arastov, a Soviet nuclear physicist who's been on Washington's most wanted list for fifteen years. Responsible for many significant Soviet nuclear developments, Moscow has kept him very close.

In fact, he's on his first outing from Moscow for twenty years, and the news is he wants to defect.

He's scheduled to visit this power plant tomorrow night as a part of a scientific advisory tour.It's the closest he's ever likely to get to Western soil and he's contacted Washington with a plan to get him out. This is where we come in. "

Or rather this is where YOU come in! YOU as the intrepid pilot of this 1991 chopper simulator - ThunderHawk

Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 installation

Microsoft Flight Simulator 98
It was reassuring to know that the flight models had ben tested by real pilots and engineers.. .. rather than simulated pilots and engineers. It is also sobering to realise that the basic install only required 82 MEG ! - Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 installation

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