Peter Inglis in an RAAF F-111 at Amberley Air Force base, 1995.
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April 18th, 2003

Salute the Vulcan

Avro Vulcan for Microsoft Combat Fight Sim 2

Avro Vulcan for MSCFS2

This add-on for Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2 was published as a downloadable product in 2003 by VFR Scenery Ltd. It was developed by Flightcraft Simulations. I reviewed it in the April 2003 edition of PC Pilot Magazine. Naturally I can't reproduce the article, but for members here are some extra screenshots.
Avro Vulcan for MSCFS2

The Intruder keeps flying

Flight of the Intruder

An account of the gameplay in this 1990's combat classic -
  • Cockpits
  • Missions and AI
  • Campaign
  • Weapons
  • Carrier Landings
  • Conclusions
Flight of the Intruder

New exhibits were created for these civil aviation sims:

FREE AREA (note that the entire content of the Museum is free to read now).

Spacey flight stick

Mats Nylund sent in a few memories of using this futuristic looking stick - Gravis Phoenix

Check out the

to see what you've been missing !