Peter Inglis in an RAAF F-111 at Amberley Air Force base, 1995.
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15th November, 2004

MiG Alley

MiG Alley - 1999 MiG Alley - 1999 MiG Alley - 1999 MiG Alley - 1999 MiG Alley - 1999
MiG Alley - 1999 MiG Alley - 1999 MiG Alley - 1999 MiG Alley - 1999 MiG Alley - 1999

A totally refurbished Museum exhibit.

6 new videos inlcuding

  • Air combat in the F-86 Sabre
  • Strafing in the F-51 Mustang
  • Low and fast in the MiG
  • F-86 in a spin - and recovering
  • Down in flames
  • F-86 external view
Also -
  • historical images
  • Mission planning
  • First Missions

Developers and Publishers

Updated the listing of sims by Abacus:

Jet Pilot exhibit updated

Jet Pilot  -  Vulcan Software 1996

Jet Pilotwas a high fidelity air combat sim developed and published in 1996 by Vulcan Softwarefor the Commodore Amiga platforms.


Revised the FA18 Thunderstrike exhibit - a gameboy flight sim !

FA18 Thunderstrike for the colour Gameboy

Added features lists for these sim add-ons from The Associates:

Airline Adventures

Expansion for Microsoft Flight Simulator 5 and Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 by The Associates
  • 16 different professional flight adventures to over 20 different world-wide airports
  • Amazing realism with professional “live” ATC and real speech
  • 4 new aircraft included – BAe 146, Airbus 330, Airbus 340 and the Concorde
  • New scenery for Frankfurt, Paderborn, Tenerife and Gran Canaria airports

Classic Wings 98

  • Over 100 'classic' aircraft with 12 Visually Incredible Panels.
  • Unique hi-fidelity, fully functional instrument panels based on actual cockpit displays - many with multiple co-pilot and ‘jump seat’ views!
  • Detailed classic liveries and accurate flight performance levels.
  • Completely authentic engine sounds.
  • Includes scenery enhancement for over 20 standard Flight Simulator 98 airports!
  • Plus unique 757 adventure with start-up sounds and more and a further 20 fabulous situations to try.
All these aircraft are included... there are over 100 in all
  • Turboprops - Lockheed L-188 Electra, Lockheed P-3 Orion and Convair 580.
  • Twin Propliners - Convair 240, 340, 440 series.
  • Classic Twin Propliners - Douglas DC-3 Dakota & C-47.
  • Jet Airliner - Boeing 757.
  • Jet Trainer - Aermachhi MB339.
  • Basic Trainer - DHC-1 Chipmunk.
  • Transport - L-100 and C-130


Expansion for Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 by The Associates
  • Uniquely designed DC-3 with highly accurate flight dynamics, all round parts, realistic metallic liveries and DC-3 configured landing lights.
  • 9 DC-3 aircraft from around the world. Plus there is even a special C-47 Ski variant with unique ski sounds.
  • 4 very special cockpit panels with 40 functional gauges including a working Cowling Flap. And a photorealistic 'Auto Pilot Cockpit' panel
  • 16-bit stereo REAL DC-3 sounds - both inside and out.
  • 10 special DC-3 adventures, complete with flight plans. Plus DC-3 situations and FS98 video.
  • Detailed DC-3 Flight Manual. The CD-ROM even includes archive material of video, photographs, stories and Windows 95 Wallpaper and sound files.
  • Designed and compiled by Trevor Morson, ex Compuserve Flight Simulation Sysop and now a leading Flight Simulation column writer and Flight Simulation Forum host

FS Clouds 98

Enhances the weather and scenery in your Microsoft Flight Simulator 98.
  • Over 15 stunning new clouds and weather patterns – adding realism to every flight.
  • For the first time, witness awesome thunder and lightning in Flight Simulator 98!
  • Multiple cloud layers are now possible.
  • Jet trails now give the impression of active skies.
  • Brand new, ultra realistic ground textures that really bring Flight Simulator to life.
  • Unique management system that gives you control of panels, aircraft, scenery, sounds, textures, clouds, weather and even custom instruments!
  • Plus bonus of flight planning software, extra aircraft, panels and more!
  • Now includes brand new interface


Expansion for Microsoft Flight Simulator 5 and Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 by The Associates
  • The largest EVER single scenery expansion for Flight Simulator - over 2,500,000 square kilometres!
  • Devastating scenery recreated from satellite and digital data to the highest accuracy possible - 18 metres per pixel!
  • Includes the complete scenery of Nepal, including all its airports and airfields, with special textures and an amazing rendition of Kathmandu International Airport in the foothills of the highest mountains in the world. Plus the terrain of occupied Tibet, China, India, Pakistan, Burma and Bhutan.
  • 34 beautiful and terrifying airports and mountain airfields are included - many rated as the most dangerous in the world!
  • Experience a once in a life-time flypast of Everest, K2 - or search out the mystical Yeti. You are bound to find a few surprises!
  • A large array of Navaids included, together with many airports charts and Flight Simulator situations to get you started.

Sri Lanka

Expansion for Microsoft Flight Simulator 5 and Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 by The Associates
  • Stunning and vast scenery of Sri Lanka - over 65,000 km2 of brand new Flight Simulator scenery for this beautiful country!
  • Includes unparalleled accuracy - using a special technique every city, road, river, lake and airport is detailed to a resolution of 26 metres per pixel.
  • All 13 key Sri Lankan airports - both civil and military, including Colombo Katunayake,
  • Jaffna-AB Kankesanturai and Gal Oya Amparai.
  • Special night time lighting for roads and towns.
  • Fully comprehensive manual includes approach charts of the main airports.
  • Detailed scenery of Delhi - featuring many historic buildings and sites and of course all the local airfields and airports.
  • Spectacular scenery of Agra - including tourist attractions and airports.