Peter Inglis in an RAAF F-111 at Amberley Air Force base, 1995.
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18th June, 2005


Dated :18th June, 2005

As of June 18th, 2005, access to the Flight Sim Museum at is ...


Yes, you get free access to this enormous resource which documents in loving detail the history and passion of this uniquely "computer age" area of human activity.

Start your exploration by getting an overview from About MiGMan's Flight Sim Museum, or dive straight into the main Flight Sim Museum galleries :


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US Navy Fighters

US Navy Fighters US Navy Fighters US Navy Fighters US Navy Fighters US Navy Fighters
US Navy Fighters US Navy Fighters US Navy Fighters US Navy Fighters US Navy Fighters

MiG - videos in this exhibit.

Added videos of the entire process from selecting a campaign, through the video briefings, mission planning and arming the F-14 as you prepare to rescue Boris Yeltin !

Do not, repeat, do NOT fire on any Russian aircraft... " Do not, repeat, DO NOT fire on any Russian aircraft... "

Commander Air Group - US Navy Fighters


Title - MegaScenery Volume 02 - New York
Host sim - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
Release Date - December 2003
Developer - Aerosoft Australia
Publisher - PC Aviator
Comments - MegaScenery 02 - New York is a VFR pilot's dream. The clarity of the scenery adds subtle depth to the flight. As well as the urban terrain there is enough surrounding countryside to keep you entertained. The documentation alone makes this product an exception to current publishing practice. Every aid necessary, in terms of maps, Approach Plates and Airport Diagrams, is given to encourage you to explore this product the way it is meant to be used.

Flight Sim Control Hardware

Voice Buddy

Voice Buddy 3.0

This consistent, fast and reliable Voice Tracking software adds new depths of accessibility to combat and civil Flight Sims. With Voice Command, HOTAS and Head Tracking we are set these days for fantastic, immersive sim - experiences.

Check out my intial experiences with the Voice Buddy here - Voice Buddy.


I have laid the foundations for 3 new galleries :
I resisted the force for as long as possible, just as I long resisted the inclusion of civil aviation sims, but there is no denying the importance and overlap between conventional flight and space flight. Don't expect miracles yet, as the exhibits take a lot of work to put together, but I have started the ball floating with an overhaul of the 1999 sim - Homeworld.

Homeworld - 1999


Orbiter  Orbiter Orbiter Orbiter
Orbiter Orbiter Orbiter Orbiter Orbiter

Orbiter is a amazing free 3D Space Simulator written by Dr. Martin Schweiger, Ph.D. It contains accurate math and orbital physics, and has an extensive community support base.