Peter Inglis in an RAAF F-111 at Amberley Air Force base, 1995.
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What's new at the Flight Sim Museum
September 17th, 2005

"Go Play In Space" (Second Edition) - an Introductory Tutorial manual for Orbiter  Space Flight Simulator.
"Go Play In Space" (Second Edition) by Bruce Irving.

Fun with Martin Schweiger's Orbiter Space Flight Simulator. This Introductory Tutorial manual is a colorful picture book about humans going to Mars, how they might realistically go about this, and where this might lead in the future.

Download Go Play in space here

Classic Flight Sim books online

www.FlightSimBooks.comis a new site that features the full text of eleven classic flight simulation books.

More than 2,200 printed pages have been digitized into 800+ web pages. The titles available are:
  • Jet Fighter School
  • and Jet Fighter School II by Richard G. Sheffield
  • Flying on Instruments with Flight Simulator by Jonathan M. Stern
  • Learning to Fly with Flight Simulator
  • and Realistic Commercial Flying with Flight Simulator by John Rafferty
  • 40 Great Flight Simulator Adventures
  • 40 More Great Flight Simulator Adventures
  • Flight Simulator Co-Pilot
  • Flying Flight Simulator
  • Runway USA
  • and A Flight Simulator Odyssey by Charles Gulick
These books, published from 1985-1989, cover Microsoft Flight Simulator and Sublogic Flight Simulator software, plus other flight sim programs including F-15 Strike Eagle and Sublogic's Jet. Users who prefer more modern flight simulators will find that many of the techniques and situations described in these books, such as aerobatic maneuvers and instrument flying techniques, remain relevant to newer flight simulators.

All of the books are available with the gracious permission of their authors.

The site was created by Kevin Savetz with help from volunteers. His other classic computing sites include, which offers the full text of 30 classic computing books; and Classic Computer Magazine Archive ), which offers full text of Compute!, Creative Computing, Antic, and other early computer magazines.

Proflight, the Tornado sim by Hisoft for Atari St and Amiga (1990).
Exhibit: Proflight

Year: 1990
Developer: HiSoft
Publisher: HiSoft
Platform: Atari ST, Commodore Amiga
Collection: No.
Comments: Proflight was one of the first flight sims I saw on a personal computer. I had bought an Atari ST to arrange and print music for my string quartet and included in the package was a demo of this amazingly fluid sim, running at 600 x 400 pixels (in monochrome).

Proflightby HiSoft was one of the first flight sims on the Atari ST. Read the old Atari magazines at

"As well as the exhibits, there are a host of combat flying tips,links and resources - and don't forgot to sign the visitors book. The team at MiGMan's Combat diary have done a fantastic job cataloging the history of desktop flight simulations. We owe them a great many thanks for all their combined efforts, helping us to remember the heritage of this ever-expanding hobby."
Kenji Takeda - PC Gaming World Feb, 2000.