Peter Inglis in an RAAF F-111 at Amberley Air Force base, 1995.
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April 21st 2006

Pentium-4 - 3 GHz - rigged for silent running
Pentium-4 - 3 GHz - rigged for silent running- recounts my (successful) quest for the silent PC, and, as usual, I did it on the cheap!

Added a Gallery of all MiGMan's Hardware over the years- and updated the various computer pages -


As 2006 flew by and the pressure on my time increased I acknowledged that the update system had to change. So - enter the "Micro-update". Rather than wait for large chunk of time to do a swathe of updates - because that just isn't going to happen - henceforth I will provide snippets of update to the Museum's exhibits. They will be listed on the Flight Sim Museumhome page and I will only send out a newsletter when there is a lot of new material to read.

Updated these indexes with the new format: Updated these indexes -

F15 Strike Eagle 3- a question from James Teel

Knights of the Sky- comments by Glenn Pearce

MegaScenery Volume 5 - Mid Atlantic MegaScenery Volume 5 - Mid Atlantic
Title - MegaScenery Volume 5 - Mid Atlantic
Host sim - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
Release Date - 2005
Developer -
Publisher - PC Aviator
Comments - "20,000 square miles of Mid Atlantic Scenery For Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 including Washington DC, Baltimore and Chesapeake Bay." Title - Traffic 2004
Host sim - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
Release Date - 2004
Developer -
Publisher - Just Flight

Microsoft Flight Simulator X

The sequel to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004is nearing completion.

Their Finest Hour (Battle of Britain)

76IAP.-Maennis wrote:

" I realy enjoyed reading through your website, there were some sims I played and almost had forgotten. But there was one I considered very important and couldn't find, it was "Their finest Hour the Battle of Britain" by Lawrence Holland and Lucasfilm games. I'm not quite sure when it came out, probably around 1990, it was the first Sim I played, I was seven! It would be realy great if you could ad it to the site. Thanks for the wonderfull tour through your Museum, keep up the good work. Greatings 76IAP.-Maennis"

TFH BOB was published in 1989 and the Museum entry is here - Their Finest Hour (Battle of Britain)

Eurofighter Typhoon

Eurofighter Typhoon video

In December 2005 the BBC did a news story on the entrance of the Eurofighter Typhoon into service in the RAAF - Eurofighter Typhoon video

C-130 Hercules

A new add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004by Just Flight was released on February 24th 2006..

C-130 Hercules for  Microsoft Flight Sims 2004.

Since the freeware and published add-ons to the Microsoft flight sims outnumber all others by over 1000 to 1 (quite literally !!!), I've created separate index pages for them:
  • Add-ons for the Microsoft series of civil simulations - 1980 - 1989
  • Add-ons for the Microsoft series of civil simulations - 1990 - 1999
  • Add-ons for the Microsoft series of civil simulations - 2000 - 2009

Maintaining the archives

Replaced missing images and corrected page formatting in:

F-16 Fighting Falcon by Mastertronics

F16 Fighting Falcon - 1990- moved from 1980 to 1990 and box art added.

Lightning Simulator on the Sinclair Spectrum - 1988moved from 1982 to 1988 and name corrected.

Acrojet was released in 1985 on the Sinclair Spectrum.

Project Stealth Fighter was also released on the Sinclair Spectrum , but not until 1990.

Thanks for these corrections go to Adrian Brown

How to run the DOS Classic - SVGA Harrier Assault (1992).

Thanks to Koriel

Skyfox - 1984.


Updated the reference to on the index. You really must check this site out!

"As well as the exhibits, there are a host of combat flying tips,links and resources - and don't forgot to sign the visitors book. The team at MiGMan's Combat diary have done a fantastic job cataloging the history of desktop flight simulations. We owe them a great many thanks for all their combined efforts, helping us to remember the heritage of this ever-expanding hobby."
Kenji Takeda - PC Gaming World Feb, 2000.