Peter Inglis in an RAAF F-111 at Amberley Air Force base, 1995.
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August 27th, 2007

Museum Reconstruction update

Work proceeds apace. The new format is looking good. The database is nearly complete and hooked up to a local server for testing. When I roll it out the plan is to migrate the exhibits over to the new, editable format as required. In the meantime the old exhibits will be much better indexed, and cross-indexed by useful data points such as genre, Historical Period, Aircraft modelled, Ordnance modelled etc etc.

User feedback

The backlog is being addressed, slowly. Main priority has been to the reconstruction project.

Here are two additions to the visitors book plucked at random from the queue:

ACM video - SAM evasion

"F-16's from the USAF (614 TFS) encounter several Iraqi SAMs during the first Gulf War. An intense scene to evade the missiles ensues."
Courtesy of youtube :