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Title - PC Pilot Magazine
Release Date - Sep 1999 to present
Developer - PC Pilot Magazine
Publisher - PC Pilot Magazine
Collection - Yes, various issues.
Comments - PC Pilot is published 6 times a year, with issues published at the end of January, March, May, July, September and November. This mag is beautifully presented with generous screenshots. The writers range from professional aviation authors to academics - and they are all flight sim nuts! What a relief to find a quality games mag - and one that treats our beloved hobby with the respect it deserves.

Title - PC Pilot Magazine Issue 004
Release Date - Sep 1999
Developer - PC Pilot Magazine
Publisher - PC Pilot Magazine
Collection - No.
Comments - Enemy Engaged - Comanche vs Hokum sighted in detail.

PC Pilot magazine
  • NEWS - Hot coverage of Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2, the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 patch and all the other latest announcements!
  • REVIEWS - Enemy Engaged: Comanche vs Hokum sighted in detail. Plus first impressions of simulator add-ons FS Clouds 2000, FS Design Studio, Private Pilot and Tuskegee Fighters.
  • REVIEWS - We bring you exclusive first REVIEWS of this year's most anticipated add-onů Airport 2000 Volume 2. Killer product or frame-rate killer? Our resident pilot, Joe Lavery takes on serious IFR training packages while Kenji battles it out with RAF 2000 and more.
  • TUTORIALS - Bill Stack guides you to Dublin, while teaching you how to deal with those windy skies!
  • REAL CHARTS - Yet more great charts to collect with real approach plates and airport plans for Birmingham and Dublin.
  • HARDWARE - Eagle Greg Gott picks out the ace in the pack in our quest to fine the ultimate graphics card for flight simulation. We also see double-monitor bliss as Katy Pluta shows you how to set up two monitors in Windows.
  • FEATURES - We give you the full Monty this issue, with the final part of our pull-out Jeppesen chart glossary, a round-up of Virtual Airlines, and even more highly recommended downloads. Phew!

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