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Title - PC Pilot Magazine
Release Date - Sep 1999 to present
Developer - PC Pilot Magazine
Publisher - PC Pilot Magazine
Collection - Yes, various issues.
Comments - PC Pilot is published 6 times a year, with issues published at the end of January, March, May, July, September and November. This mag is beautifully presented with generous screenshots. The writers range from professional aviation authors to academics - and they are all flight sim nuts! What a relief to find a quality games mag - and one that treats our beloved hobby with the respect it deserves.

Title - PC Pilot Magazine Issue 010
Release Date - Sep 2000
Developer - PC Pilot Magazine
Publisher - PC Pilot Magazine
Collection - Yes
Comments - FLY! 2, IL-2 Sturmovik, Eurofighter Typhoon, Warbirds III, DreamFleet 737-400.

PC Pilot magazine
  • NEWS - Yes, the new incarnation of Flight Simulator - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 has been announced and we've got all the up-to-date information, plus some great screenshots.

    You'll also find news of the big legal wrangles going on at the moment between Just Flight and World Air Simulations, as well as the latest on Su-27 Flanker 2.0, B17 Flying Fortress 2, and lots more besides. In this issue we've also got a fascinating news feature on online sims that includes some world exclusive images from Target for Tonight.
  • REVIEWS - Hot off the press is a full preview of the sequel to FLY!- FLY! 2. There's also latest looks at IL-2 Sturmovik, and Eurofighter Typhoon, as well as a preview of Warbirds III and a test flight in the DreamFleet 737-400.
  • FEATURES - Our aviation expert, Stephen Heyworth, takes a look at the intricacies of airways flying and you need never get lost on the taxi track again, once you've read our fascinating feature on night-time airport navigation. We've also got some handy hints on finding your way through the complex strategy of Battle of Britain.
  • REVIEWS - We've got stacks of reviews on all the latest flight sim software, including two scenery expansions for FLY!, 767 Pilot in Command, scenery for Elite, and a look around Paintshop Pro that has us repainting our very own aircraft. you'll also find reviews of some great aviation videos and books.
  • TUTORIALS - In his latest tutorial, our expert trainer Bill Stack is once again taking us around the north east of the United States with a flight from New Bedford to Hartford that involves a complicated LDA approach.
    Our hardware Eagle', Greg Gott has taken a look at all the great products currently on offer to flight simmers and picked his personal top ten. If you're new to the subject or an old hand considering an upgrade, these should be on your shopping list. We've also taken another look at multi monitor flying, to see how easy it is to convert that spare monitor and enjoy double vision.

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