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Title - PC Pilot Magazine
Release Date - Sep 1999 to present
Developer - PC Pilot Magazine
Publisher - PC Pilot Magazine
Collection - Yes, various issues.
Comments - PC Pilot is published 6 times a year, with issues published at the end of January, March, May, July, September and November. This mag is beautifully presented with generous screenshots. The writers range from professional aviation authors to academics - and they are all flight sim nuts! What a relief to find a quality games mag - and one that treats our beloved hobby with the respect it deserves.

Title - PC Pilot Magazine Issue 012
Release Date - Sep 2000
Developer - PC Pilot Magazine
Publisher - PC Pilot Magazine
Collection - Yes
Comments - FLY! 2, Airport 2000 Volume 3, Warbirds III, Catalina from Abacus, German Airports 1, FS Navigator, Philadelphia Airport scenery, X-Plane .

PC Pilot issue 12 Excerpt from PC Pilot issue 12

NEWS - Comanche 4 is announced and looks like real excitement for helo fans. Just Flight have working round the clock to launch three products in about three weeks. We've got a news feature from the Paris Air Show, there's the latest about Project 1 as well as all the important flight sim headlines to keep you in touch while you're in the air.

REVIEWS - A feast for fans of fast jets. Reports of the death of flight sims were premature - Ubisoft are getting airborne with Lock On Modern Air Combat and G2 Interactive G2 are preparing a strike with Falcon 5. We've got the latest screen shots and a look at what's on offer.

FEATURES - If you've ever dragged a simulated airliner into the skies at 45 with the passengers screaming and the warnings blaring, then you'll need to read our feature on handling airliners. We also examine how useful a flight sim is to anyone contemplating their pilot's licence. There's a flight around New Zealand and a feature on new scenery for Battle of Britain.

REVIEWS - FLY! 2 gets the full treatment for both the US and European versions. Airport 2000 Volume 3 is out - just how detailed can you get? We've also inspected Warbirds III , the new Catalina from Abacus, German Airports 1, FS Navigator, Philadelphia Airport scenery and now that X-Plane is out in your local games emporium in a DVD case, we've taken a look at what the 'high street' version has got to offer.

TUTORIALS - In the latest instalment of his popular tutorial series, our expert trainer Bill Stack is flying from Blackpool to Leeds-Bradford and exploring the mysteries of changing elevations between airports.

HARDWARE The words of the prophets may be written on the subway walls, but is the new Prophet 4500 from Hercules anything to sing about? If you fancy a flight sim on the telly, don't write to Discovery Channel, just pick up a Trust Televiewer and enjoy your sims on the big screen.

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