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 MiGMan: Campaigns | Campaigns I have built.

MiGMan: Campaigns: Campaigns I have built.

Fighters Anthology   Overview   F/A-18  
year  1998  article pub  1998  article updated 
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ac  F/A-18  country  Russia

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Lock On: Modern Air Combat   MiGMan's "MiG-29A - Front Line Fighter" campaign - revised Nov 2006   MiG-29  
year  2003  article pub  2006  article updated 
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ac  MiG-29

about  Having graduated Frontal Aviation's Fighter Pilot Academy with honours, you are ready to take control of a MiG in an operational theatre. The first couple of days have you scheduled for short training hops. Take note of the local landmarks. There are a few lakes and prominent coastal features which will help orient you. Good luck! Make us proud ! Nah-zdarohvya ! All missions are flown from Bagerovo Airbase, near Kerch.
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