Non Fiction

Rinker Buck: Flight of Passage  
about:   Flight of Passage is the story of a flight across America by two brothers in July 1966. The flight is really the heart of it, a funny, inspiring, and occasionally hair-raising adventure story.
people:   Rinker Buck   Bruce FlyingSinger Irving  
tags:   Non Fiction   Civil   Pilot  
Non Fiction
War in the Air  
about:   FlyingSinger reported: True accounts of the 20th Century's most dramatic air battles by Stephen Coonts as editor.
people:   Stephen Coonts   Bruce FlyingSinger Irving  
tags:   Non Fiction   History   Air to Air  
Non Fiction
The Simple Science of Flight: From Insects to Jumbo Jets  
about:   From insects to 747's it's all the same simple rules.   country:   USA  
people:   Henk Tennekes   Bruce FlyingSinger Irving  
tags:   Physics   Non Fiction    
Non Fiction