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Digital Image Design (DID)
Exhibit: Digital Image Design (DID)

Comments: This UK based development team have created a string of innovative Flight Sims which manage to place the gamer in the most sophisticated air combat environments while maintaining a high level of accessibility. They consistently pushed the limits of 3-D modelling and portrayed the most up-to-date combat avionics systems, reaching an apogee with the 1998 sim Total Air War, which reproduced a modern air war as seen from an AWACS and from the cockpit of the next generation fighter, the F-22.

In the Museum...

F-29 Retaliator by Digital Image Design

1989 - F-29 Retaliator


1993 - TFX

EF 2000 - Eurofighter. EF 2000 - Eurofighter.

1995 - EF 2000

1998 - F-22 ADF

Total Air War by Digital Image Design is a simulation of the next generation in Air Warfare. Print MiGMan's guide - Key features, Realism, Where does TAW fit in?, The Campaigns, Stealth, The Shootlist, Graphics tips, The Box art, The Patch, Links, CHECKLISTS - Taxi , Takeoff, Landing, AIR COMBAT, Tutorial - Dogfighting, The Merge, Turn and Burn, Thrust Vectoring in Combat, Beyond Visual Range, AWACS TUTORIAL - Training Mission, Walkthrough, Definition of AWACS, CAMPAIGN TIPS - Dynamic Campaigns, AWACS, Using the controls, Tactics, Time and speed, After Action Report - Operation Urgent Shield, Editing your pilot's logfile, dogfighting.

1998 - Total Air War

Eurofighter Typhoon - 2001

2001 - Eurofighter Typhoon

Eurofighter Typhoon - Operation Icebreaker

2002 - Eurofighter Typhoon - Operation Icebreaker

EF 2000 and F-22 ADF are now published by Infogrames.

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