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The end of a sim-era In an interview at in November 2001, when asked why the source code to MiG Alleywas released, Dave Whiteside said :

"... we are no longer doing flight sims (after Empire took us over at the end of 2001, and we would not be able to publish any patches that were required (no money was allocated to this), rather than let MiG die and all the code sit doing nothing it was considered a good idea, a swan song, if you like, for Rowan (after 13 years in the flight sim market)".

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Falcon AT
Falcon AT

Flight of the Intruder
Flight of the Intruder

Reach for the Skies - Battle of Britain - 1993.
Reach for the Skies

D-Day - Operation Overlord
D-Day - Operation Overlord

DawnPatrol by Rowan Software recreated the Air battles during the World War I in France, 1914 to 1918.
Dawn Patrol

MiG Alley - 1999
MiG Alley

Battle of Britain by Rowan
Battle of Britain