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Air Power Australia
Air Power Australia


Asia's Rapid Modernization Creates Concern
Aviation Week & Space Technology
06/18/2007, page 122
David A. Fulghum
Hickam AFB, Hawaii
" In Iraq, the U.S. Air Force's focus is on close air support, intelligence gathering and surveillance, often in tightly packed urban areas. It is an increasingly high-tempo version of low-intensity guerrilla war; but, it's not the only war the military is obligated to fight.

Here, at the headquarters of Pacific Air Forces (Pacaf), planners are looking at a different kind of war, posed at the opposite end of the operational spectrum. They're preparing for lethal and nonlethal combat to defend U.S. outposts and its allies against modern, industrialized foes with advanced weapons. Moreover, that warfare might have to be conducted at ranges of hundreds of, perhaps a thousand, miles.

The long lines of communications and supply for the U.S. and smaller allies would be vulnerable to attack and would be the target of choice for a foe that doesn't want a conventional head-on confrontation with the U.S. "

Dr Carlo Kopp, MIEEE, SMAIAA, PEng
Defence Analyst and Consulting Engineer
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