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This week the APA website was rehosted to a server in Monterey, California. The principal driver of this change was the enormous differential in web hosting costs (up to 20 times cheaper in the US vs Australia). The APA site is now hosted on a large Linux cluster with a RAID array, running Apache. Once the internal page caches in the cluster and RAID array fill up and stabilise, we should observe significant performance increases for the site.

To date accesses from Australia indicate no discernable performance changes vs previous Australian hosting. US and Canadian visitors have reported significant performance improvements for accesses from North America.

Rehosting the website did require global font changes to UTF-8 format, replacing the previous KOI-8R format for Cyrillic text. If your browser has exhibited problems displaying special characters or Russian test, our advice is to set the browser character encoding to Unicode (UTF-8) manually - this should happen automatically but not all browsers behave properly.

Over coming weeks we will aim to isolate any remaining artifacts from the UTF-8 conversion and correct these. If you observe any oddities when browsing the site, we would be grateful for a link and comment on the problem.

The APA site is now hosting:
  • 287 HTML pages
  • 202 PDF pages
  • 1335 JPG images
  • 318 PNG images
  • 298 Google Earth KMZ files
Before the rehosting the site was averaging around 90,000 hits/day and around 2000 http://www.migman.com/pax/visitors/day. Webpages covering Russian systems have dominated rankings in recent months, and we have had favourable feedback from Russian sources on the popularity of these in Russia - very gratifying given the stiff competition for audience by the large number of excellent military websites extant in Russia. Pages covering the F-22 generally rank second as a group. Other favourites include the Warship Hits page, Super Hornet vs Flanker page, and F-111 Supercruise analysis.

APA NOTAM #8 has been extremely popular and dominated rankings this week. The new video index pages have also ranked well.

Feedback on site performance is appreciated.

Dr Carlo Kopp, MIEEE, SMAIAA, PEng
Defence Analyst and Consulting Engineer
Editor: Air Power Australia @ http://www.ausairpower.net