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Defence perception, minus reality. April 18, 2008

" The warning signs are there for any thinking person to see. Yet Defence senior leadership keeps rolling along with big, complex defence programs as if they can be successfully completed.

There is an aphorism from a book written by Colonel David Hackworth, a combat veteran of many wars who served in the U.S. Army. In the book About Face he tells the the following story:

"A German general from long ago divided his officers into four classes: the clever, the stupid, the industrious and the lazy.

The general believed that every officer possessed two of these qualities. The clever and lazy, for example, were suited for command (they'd figure out the easiest way to do a task); the clever and industrious were suited for high-level staff work.

The lazy and stupid, he maintained, were an unfortunate by-product of any system and could be slotted in somewhere; but the stupid and industrious were just too dangerous, and the general's standing order was to have them removed from the military completely, the moment they were identified." "

More here - http://elpwarpigs.blogspot.com/2008/04/defence-perception-minus-reality.phpl

Dr Carlo Kopp, MIEEE, SMAIAA, PEng
Defence Analyst and Consulting Engineer
Editor: Air Power Australia @ http://www.ausairpower.net