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Air Power Australia


Book Release “NCW101:,An Introduction to Network Centric Warfare”

30th January, 2009

Air Power Australia is pleased to announce the release of its first book, entitled NCW101: An Introduction to Network Centric Warfare.

Authored by APA Editor and Co-founder, Dr Carlo Kopp, this is the first book on the topic of Network Centric Warfare to be published in Australia, and one of very few globally. It is the only textbook specifically constructed as a introductory textbook for tertiary courses.

The book was produced to provide a broad and deep, yet accessible and affordable introductory text covering the fundamental ideas and technologies underpinning military networking. The intent of the text is to provide an objective view of military networking, devoid of the strong views often found in publications by advocates or detractors of NCW. Unlike other recent texts dealing with NCW, this work also covers key supporting technologies, information warfare impacts on networked systems, and many of the human factors problems arising in networked systems.

The textbook is now available from Strike Publications. Retail price for electronic copy is US$66.00.

Further Details: http://www.ausairpower.net/NCW101-First-Ed-2009.phpl

About the Author:

Dr Carlo Kopp has been designing, developing, constructing, testing and researching digital networks since 1985. He developed a number of proprietary network protocols during his industry career, as well as integrated protocols on the SunOS 4.1/BSD operating system, and proprietary embedded platforms, and performed performance modelling and measurement of packet networks. His PhD topic, submitted in 1999, covered the adaptation of X/Ku-band Active Electronically Steered Array (AESA) radar antennas for high data rate networking, microwave tropospheric propagation problems at shallow slant angles, and wide area networking behaviour in airborne networks.

Since 2000 Kopp has been actively researching networking problems at Monash University, and was cofounder of the Ad Hoc Networking Research team at the Monash University Department of Computer Science. This group has performed basic and applied research covering urban/suburban area ad hoc wireless networking, ad hoc networking protocols, network security, microwave propagation in urban and tropospheric environments, support protocols for GPS, and "smart networks" capable of understanding the local propagation environment.

Recent research publications of note include co-authorship of Chapter 5, covering multimode AESA fighter radars, in the Third Edition of Merrill Skolnik's Radar Handbook, which is the global standard radar engineering reference text, and co-authorship of the Internet Draft entitled The Lightweight Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Support Protocol (LGSP).

Dr Carlo Kopp, MIEEE, SMAIAA, PEng
Defence Analyst and Consulting Engineer
Editor: Air Power Australia @ http://www.ausairpower.net