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NOTAMs Series is Now Online Journal

8th March 2009


When APA launched the NOTAMs page in 2007 the intent was to use it as an area for posting miscellaneous commentaries, notices, notes, and OpEds. Since then two things happened - professional / strategic / technical discussion and commentaries dominated the page, and increasingly we received favourable feedback on the content.

Visitation rates have also been excellent - in fact the APA website as a whole has achieved very good performance of recent with current visitation rates of around 200,000 hits daily and almost half a Terabyte of downloads monthly. This makes the APA website one of the busiest globally in this topical category.
The most heavily accessed materials on the APA website deal with fighter aircraft, and especially Russian weapons systems, both aircraft and missiles/radars. The latter fulfills a long running aim of APA to provide a world class technical intelligence reference site covering "Red Force" capabilities.

As a result of the popularity of the NOTAMs we decided this week to upgrade the APA NOTAMs page to an online journal (ISSN 1836-7135), making it the second online journal hosted by APA's website. APA Analyses (ISSN 1832-2433) will continue in its role as a "heavyweight" professional / academic journal.

The APA NOTAMs page has been rebuilt to make it easier to navigate and faster to load. NOTAMs will continue to be peer reviewed as all APA publications are. Special thanks go out to our many valiant reviewers who have provided so much added value and quality to APA's product.

We cordially invite you to visit the "new look" APA NOTAMs Site

Carlo Kopp, Editor-in-Chief, APA

Dr Carlo Kopp, MIEEE, SMAIAA, PEng
Defence Analyst and Consulting Engineer
Editor: Air Power Australia @ http://www.ausairpower.net