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  • North American OV-10 Bronco FAC
  • content_pasteMark Schimmer documented his flight in this classic warbird.
    "Well, last week I had the chance to fly 1.5 hours and two landings. It was quite an experience. We went through all the aerobatic exercises (I told him: go as you like. And boy, he did!).
    First time I felt what it is to black out due to high g's. I also had the privilege to fly the "normal" route by myself, with him only telling me the heading and altitude, and instructing me otherwise. "
  • airline_seat_recline_extraOperation Flash Point: Resistance
  • Finland  Finland
  • local_airportNorth American OV-10
  • precision_manufacturingBohemia Interactive | Codemasters
  • personDan Hanke
  • tagIRL: In real lifeAerobaticsTraining
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  • Take On Helicopters: Mission 04: The Deal
  • content_pasteMy second attempt at mission 4. The first was a series of disasters! I opened the left side door and couldn't close it. Flew the golf course tour with the door open, which eventually shook the chopper to pieces. By that time my nerves were so frazzled I couldn't land. At all. This time it was peachy keen and done in one 38 minute take, though I still managed to over-torque the machine. Hopefully he won't notice.
  • airline_seat_recline_extraTake On Helicopters
  • USA  USA
  • location_citySeattle
  • precision_manufacturingBohemia Interactive
  • tagRotary WingMiGMan’s Combat Diary
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