Digital Image Design (DID)
Exhibit: Digital Image Design (DID)

Comments: This UK based development team have created a string of innovative Flight Sims which manage to place the gamer in the most sophisticated air combat environments while maintaining a high level of accessibility. They consistently pushed the limits of 3-D modelling and portrayed the most up-to-date combat avionics systems, reaching an apogee with the 1998 sim Total Air War, which reproduced a modern air war as seen from an AWACS and from the cockpit of the next generation fighter, the F-22.

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1991 F-29 Retaliator by Digital Image Design
F-29 Retaliator

TFX by Digital Image Design, 1993
Exhibit: TFX

Release Date: 1993
Developer: Digital Image Design (DID)
Publisher: Ocean Software Ltd.
Collection: Yes.
Comments: TFX is an acronym for "Tactical Fighter Experimental". When you look at the graphics available in the other early combat flight sims it is easy to see why TFX caused so much excitement on it's release. The flight model could be adjusted from "arcade" to "military" and play modes ranged from arcade levels to the "UN Commander" mode. As UN Commander you planned missions, selected the aircraft and flew the Eurofighter, F22 or F117 Stealth Fighter.


EF 2000 - Eurofighter.
EF 2000

Published: 1995
Developer: Digital Image Design (DID)
Comments: EF 2000 first saw the light of day (a gloomy Scandinavian day at that! ) in 1995. It's roots lay in F-29 Retaliator and TFX but it went much, much further, breaking new ground in combat flight fidelity.

1998 F-22 ADF
  EF 2000 and F-22 ADF are now published by Infogrames.
Total Air War by Digital Image Design (1998) was a simulation of the next generation in Air Warfare.
Total Air War

Eurofighter Typhoon (2001) Eurofighter Typhoon (2001) Eurofighter Typhoon (2001) Eurofighter Typhoon (2001)
Exhibit: Eurofighter Typhoon

Comments: In 2001 Digital Image Design (DID) released Eurofighter Typhoon, an accessible and immersive simulation of tactical jet combat.


Eurofighter Typhoon Operation Icebreaker Eurofighter Typhoon Operation Icebreaker Eurofighter Typhoon Operation Icebreaker Eurofighter Typhoon Operation Icebreaker
Exhibit: Eurofighter Typhoon: Operation Icebreaker

Release Date: 2002
Platform: PC
Developer: Digital Image Design (DID)
Publisher: Rage
In collection: Yes
Comments: 15 new missions and enhanced weather effects enhance the sim - but the real value lies in the inclusion of the original Eurofighter Typhoon and the excellent strategy guide in the package.

Len "Viking 1" Hjalmarson looks at the development of Digital Image Design's dynamic AI and campaign systems through time.

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