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Vulcan Software Ltd - Paul Carrington - Director

Founder and Director
Paul Carrington

Vulcan Software Ltd co-founder Lisa Tunnah

Lisa Tunnah


Vulcan Software was founded in January 1994 with the launch of the critically acclaimed Valhalla & the Lord of Infinity - the first ever speech adventure for the Amiga platform. Valhalla established Vulcan as a mainstream commercial software developer and publishing company that went on to create 15 award winning entertainment titles over 5 years for the Amiga computer.

At the height of Vulcan's Amiga success they comprised of over 100 individuals in 14 development teams, publishing and distributing their products to retail outlets around the world and direct to the user via mail order.

1998 saw Genetic Species scoop 22 awards from Amiga press around the world and heralded as the fastest 3D title the Amiga platform had ever seen, outselling rival title Amiga Quake.

Change of Direction

Due to economic changes and the constant decline of the commercial Amiga market, in January 1998 Vulcan made the decision to switch development emphasis to the PC platform. Abandoning it's previous role as a publishing company, Vulcan retained a select group of talented developers and began concentrating all of its resources and energy into redefining the boundaries of 3D gaming technology for the PC market.

2016 update

Vulcan Software Ltd  founder Paul Carrington in 2016
Vulcan Software Ltd founder Paul Carrington in 2016

In 2004 to celebrate Vulcan's 10th anniversary Paul briefly returned to game development and re-launched all 12 episodes of the Valhalla Classics speech adventure and 8 worlds of Timekeepers for the PC.

Both of these classic games can still be downloaded from this website.

Almost 23 years later, in November 2016 Paul has decided to return to creating computer games now concentrating on PC, VR, iPad and iPhone platforms.