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  • Bruce Artwick

  • Keith Ainsworth

  • Sher Alltucker

  • G.R. Austin

  • Donald R. Await

  • Doug Attrell

  • Donald R. Await

  • Jim Bailey

  • Bill Baldwin

  • Scott Biggs

  • Thomas Blom

  • Joshua Blyde

  • Ralph H. Bosson

  • Mark Brennemen

  • Fritz Bronner

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  • Mark Berent
    descr His first four books present stories based around flying the F-4 Phantom during the Vietnam conflict, a subject to which he obviously brings a wealth of personal experience.

  • Larry - Bond
    descr The creator of the Naval Warfare simulation Harpoon. He applies the meticulous mind of a wargamer to writing and his books abound in credible and detailed encounters on land, sea and of course in the air. He co-authored Red Storm Rising with Tom Clancy.

  • Phil - Broad
    descr Phil Broad is a World War 2 aviation enthusiast who has a good collection online of his Mosquito snaps. He also runs a Warbirds Squadron so check it out if you are interested in flying a more up-to-date simulation of the Mosquito.

  • Dale Brown
    descr Dale Brown is a former USAF captain who logged thousands of hours aboard B-52 and FB-111's. His novels contain detailed recreations of cockpit scenarios.

  • M Bowlin

  • Adrian Brown
    descr check out his Flight Sim Toolkit website

  • Jean-Marc Chemla

  • Ann Clinton

  • Tim Conrad

  • Ray Cooksey

  • Carolyn Cutler

  • Cajun Hawk

  • Tom - Clancy
    descr Usually credited as being the author who created the "techno - thriller" genre. He certainly played a major part in it's development by taking traditional "thriller-espionage" genre and added much more technical accuracy and procedural information.

  • Lt. Charles H. Cook
    descr Lt. Charles H. Cook flew a B-24D named "Cookie" with the 90th Bombardment Group in the southwest Pacific in 1942-1943. At that time, Allied forces were greatly outnumbered, and Japanese invasion of New Guinea and Australia was a very real threat. Bruce Irving has interviewed Charlie Cook and composed this valuable record of his aviation career. The entire article is also available for free download here.

  • Stephen Coonts

  • Harold - Coyle
    descr A graduate of the Virginia Military Institute, he spent 14 years on active duty with the US Army ranging from Tank Platoon leader to operations officer in Korea.

  • Francisco J. Campos

  • What is a Blood Chit?

  • Chino (the "Optics Dude")
    descr Chino's professional background in Optical Science and Engineering neatly complements his aviation enthusiasms. He has written books on space travel and contributed extensively to the Museum content.

  • Dan Crenshaw
    descr Dan Crenshaw made this generous donation of classic flight sims to the Flight Sim Museum Collection.

  • Ray Cooksey

  • Bob Dinnerman, creator of F/A 18 Interceptor

  • Jennifer Davis

  • Randy Dersham

  • Herve Devred

  • Arthur DiBianca

  • Tim Dickens

  • Bob Dinerman

  • Bernd Drefhal

  • Bruno Duffort

  • David Eckert
    descr Commercial work for Just Flight, Lago and Abacus.

  • Scott Elson

  • Steve Eschweiler

  • Mike Eustace

  • Louise Fisher

  • Alex Ford

  • Frederick Forsyth
    descr Frederick Forsyth is the reknowned author of "The Day of the Jackal". He is totally capable of matching the technical depth of Clancy and cohorts without sacrificing the trademark Forsyth pace.

  • Martin Galway

  • Mark Garrison
    descr Author of "Guts 'N Gunships: What It Was Really Like to Fly Combat Helicopters in Vietnam".

  • Gabby Gabreski

  • Rory Geoghan

  • Gerry from New-Brunswick, Canada

  • Giorgio

  • Jos Grupping

  • Fritz Gunter

  • Christian Gerard

  • Dana Glover

  • Charles Guy

  • Dudley Henriques
    descr Dudley Henriques has flown high performance planes for over forty years, including at least seventy different types of airplanes from experimental and prototypes to and fighters, both jet and propeller.

  • Eric Hyman

  • Lincoln Hutton

  • Keith Hunt

  • Ed Hobbs

  • Lucinda Hinton

  • Terry Hill

  • Karl Dr. K Hetnz

  • Tim Hayes

  • Richard Hawley

  • Craig Halverson

  • James Hallows
    descr Author of the Thrustmaster HOTAS Programming Software.

  • Richard Herman
    descr Herman's books populate the world with flawed (real) characters and flawed (real) planes. The stories often emphasise the perspective of the C.O. who has to motivate those characters and develop tactics for difficult tasks.

  • Andrew Hofmann
    descr Strike Commander : Playtester.

  • James Huston
    descr Top Gun graduate James Huston flew F-14's off the USS Nimitz and worked as a Naval Flight Officer before becoming a lawyer and a writer.

  • Rod Hyde

  • Paul H Hyslop

  • Links to Humour: SuperGeek style

  • Bruce 'Chino' Irving at Soundclick

  • BFM: mp3 by Bruce 'Chino' Irving
    descr " I was in a funny mood and was telling my brother about the old US Navy Fighters sim and how one of the RIO voices would say "C'mon, do some of that pilot shit." This got me sim-nostalgic and I wrote this song. SFX are from Falcon 4.0(reinstalled for the occasion!). "

  • BFM: The song by Bruce 'Chino' Irving
    descr " I was in a funny mood and was telling my brother about the old US Navy Fighters sim and how one of the RIO voices would say "C'mon, do some of that pilot shit." This got me sim-nostalgic and I wrote this song. SFX are from Falcon 4.0(reinstalled for the occasion!). "

  • Bruce 'Chino' Irving

  • Rob "Bomber" Henderson

  • Mark Hermonat
    descr My first experience ever with a flight sim was when I had a job in the media department of a Toronto advertising agency doing research runs on an original IBM XT. Hiding in the corner with all of the other computer documentation was a copy of Microsoft's

  • Satoshi "Bin" Hiranuma

  • Derek Higgs

  • A History of Military Flight Simulations on the PC

  • Len Hjalmarson
    descr Len "Viking 1" Hjalmarson was one of the co-founders of Since then he has established himself as one of the few journalists who specialise in combat flight sims.

  • Robert Irving
    descr Strike Commander : Documentation, Gameflow, Additional conversations, Mission layout.

  • Brent Iverson

  • Paul Isaac

  • Peter Jacobson

  • Dave Jagger from Michigan

  • Cyrus Kanga

  • Demetrius Kiminas

  • Frankie Kam

  • Koriel from the Netherlands

  • Konstantin Kukushkin

  • Karl Orca Kuschner

  • Chris Kraai

  • Dr. Carlo Kopp
    descr Dr. Carlo Kopp is widely published in the areas of Computer Science, Engineering and Defence.

  • Henk Koelewijn
    descr Air Powerscans in 2006

  • Prem Krishnan

  • Rod Hyde

  • Bill Lyons

  • Alain L'Homme

  • Edward Lerner

  • Richard Leszcynski

  • Thomas Long

  • Elias Martenson

  • Scott Malensek
    descr From Cleveland, Ohio. In addition to his military and political interests, he is also an avid aviculturalist. He has worked all over the United States, but still lives in the Cleveland area. His first novel is Black Rain for Christmas.

  • David Marshall
    descr David Marshall was one of the chief boffins at DI and his experience is indicative of the real world aviation expertise embedded in their products.

  • David Martin

  • Dante Mendes de Patta

  • Richard Muth
    descr The SWOTL Web Site

  • Will McBurnett

  • David McClurg

  • Sid Meier

  • Kobe Miller

  • Bryce Morsello

  • Oleg Nosarev

  • Scott Nix

  • Lars Gramkow Nielsen

  • Paul Needham

  • Peter Nilsson

  • Jim Oldfield

  • Steve O'Neill

  • Fernando Ortega

  • Bill Potvin

  • Greg Passmore

  • P.C.

  • Tom Piercy

  • Stjepan Pejic

  • Mark Pajak

  • Phil Perrot

  • David Poyer
    descr Poyer writes great action novels with an authentic feel and displaying a keen insight into human character. I particularly enjoy reading them in the bath, it adds to the immersion!

  • Bob "DeJanitor" Roberts
    descr I have known Bob since the Flight Sim Museum opened as MiGMan's Combat Diary in October 1998. He encouraged me from the very beginning and made some of the earliest contributions to the Flight Sim Museum.

  • Tim Ray
    descr Strike Commander - Documentation, Map design and layout, Mission design, Vehicle, weapon and plane data

  • Jim Rhoads

  • Chris Roberts

  • Todd Ramsey

  • Jan-Albert van Ree

  • Jasen Rogers

  • Simon Robbins

  • Gerry de Rouin

  • Erin Roberts

  • Zach Simpson

  • Dave Selle

  • Dr. Martin Schweiger

  • Gerry Schmidt

  • Frank Savage

  • Splash One: Knight of the Cold War

  • Captain "Sully" Sullenberger

  • Wacky Wally, a.k.a. Bob Schroeder

  • Julian Sallows

  • Mark Schimmer

  • Mark Shamblin

  • Greg Stewart

  • Dominic Smith

  • Don Schaaf

  • Bob Sebaste

  • Phil Sulak

  • Christopher Steele

  • Damon Slye
    descr A co-founder of Dynamix and the original developer of their 3-D technology, 3Space.

  • Robert D. Shaw

  • Barret Tillman
    descr His books are gripping reads and abound in "Easter Eggs" for military flight sim nuts. They also put the flying squarely into context as part of larger operations and strategic / tactical goals. They get my highest endorsement.

  • Ray Tobey
    descr Programmer of 'Skyfox' - an absolute classic on the Apple ][.

  • Jason Templeman

  • Bob Tremblay

  • Dennis Wasnich

  • Jeff Wilson
    descr An industry veteran from FS2 to JF4.

  • Daniel Warschun

  • Joe Weber
    descr A former Marine pilot who writes gripping Air Combat Novels. His books always have a strong emphasis on aerial action and Joe's background allows him to flesh out the details.

  • J.D. Wetterling
    descr Flew 268 combat missions in an F-100 in Vietnam and was awarded two Distinguished Flying Crosses, fourteen Air Medals, and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry. He was Top Gun in every fighter squadron in which he served in the USAF.

  • J.D. Wetterling
    descr Flew 268 combat missions in an F-100 in Vietnam and was awarded two Distinguished Flying Crosses, fourteen Air Medals, and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry. He was Top Gun in every fighter squadron in which he served in the USAF.

  • J.D. Wetterling
    descr Flew 268 combat missions in an F-100 in Vietnam and was awarded two Distinguished Flying Crosses, fourteen Air Medals, and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry. He was Top Gun in every fighter squadron in which he served in the USAF.

  • Tim Wheatley

  • Dave Whiteside
    descr Dave Whiteside has had a long association with developer / publisher Rowan, and been involved with some of the absolute classics of air combat simulation.

  • Michael Woodley

  • Scott "Zuma" Wolf
    descr Games Journalist

  • Jack Vance

  • J T. Wenting

  • Chuck Yeager
    descr Listen to Chuck Yeager talk about air combat in Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer

  • John D. Yarrow

  • John "Bushmaster" Yasar

  • Cajun Hawk
    descr This was the first email I ever received about the Flight Sim Museum! - MiGMan.

    Nice article, though I think it has two noteable exceptions. The first helo sim, Gunship by Microprose which was line drawn, not even shaded, just monochrome wireframes. Also from EA and Brent Iverson in 1990, LHX Attack Chopper.

  • Thanks for a great Saitek page.
    descr " Thanks for a great Saitek page. It's one of the best resources on the web. "

    Cheers, John "Slappy109" Arrington

  • Nice website MiGMan.
    descr Nice website MiGMan. I've got you bookmarked for future browsing.


  • Great page.
    descr Great page. I've been playing sims since Flightsim by Psion for the Sinclair Spectrum in 1983.

  • ...really brought back some memories...
    descr Falcon 3.0 section really brought back some memories.

    Still have the manual, maps and Pete Bonnani's book. Have ordered Falcon 4.0 from EBworld and hopefully it will land in Oz next week.

    All the best,


  • Gremlin
    descr I am including some shots of Chuck Yeager's Air Combat. (Don't tell anyone else this but it was fun to play again. I just love cutting into a B-17 box in a Focke-Wulf 190 with guns blazing. Bloody magic and the game includes blackouts and stalls.

  • Only someone like yourself who have built their own cockpit can appreciate the amount of work...
    descr JOHN DUNKLEY has built a 747 cockpit with full motion and a projected display!

    Thanks for the comments on my simulator.

    Most appreciated. .... you have some great pictures there! Only someone like yourself who have built their own cockpit can appreciate the amount of work that goes into one of these 'projects' I estimate that I am about 40% completed, and the hydraulics are going to be the last implemented. Us Aussies must stick together!!!


    John Dunkley
    Adelaide. AUSTRALIA

  • Well, if you think you have seen it all...
    descr Well, if you think you have seen it all , there is always something that suprises you!

    Man , this is cool, and brings back memories. The way you describe those sims is exactly the way it started. Big color TV Spec/16 Nightflite (Sinclair Spectrum) Nightgunner and Fighter Pilot by Digital Integration.

    Even with Falcon 4.0 on my HD right now, these times will never come back. Last time I saw a old magazine and a ad from Digital Integrationthat reminded me of going to the U.K to pick up a copy of Fighter Pilot by Digital Integration.

    My wife (girlfriend then) thought it was for a romantic weekend ;< ) man, i was hooked !!

    It all ended with me and my wife owning a real flightsim-shop, and we still love it. But looking at your flightsim- museum page sure brings back fun memories We couldn't have dreamt of Falcon 4.0 could we?

    Okay one great site !

    Best Regards

    Henk / FLIGHTBASE the Netherlands.

  • I certainly appreciate your efforts.
    descr MiGMan, I gotta tell ya , I certainly appreciate your efforts.

    Seems like your taste in sims is very close to mine, since virtually every sim I plan on playing (not enough time right NOW, but soon I hope) is covered - very deeply - on your site.

    PLEASE keep up the GREAT work!!!!!!!!!!

    "Gunner", March 11th, 1999

  • This page is the BEST!
    descr This page is the BEST!

    I have always wanted to find a page like this one. I like the section where there was the first MiG-29 Fulcrum - Domark 1990 by Domark.

    MiG-29 Fulcrum - (Novalogic - 1998)- What a difference between the two games! Anything that has to do with the MiG-29, I like.

    Jeremy Craven

  • Your site brought a tear to my eye
    descr MiGMan hahaha great site...

    ... and thanks for refreshing my memory about things. I loved the Falcon 3.0 yeah it was lame, but back then we didn't have cinematic surround sound like heavy metal F-15 by Janes Combat Simulations type intro clips/ soundtracks , and even though I love the bass thumping , Guitar gut wrenching cinematics/ soundtracks of today's sims , the sound clip of the Falcon 3 music on your site brought a tear to my eye . man I missed that .

    Almost made me reload Falcon gold......nah...T minus 5 days and counting to Falcon 4.0 ...damn , I can now die happy."


  • It made me realise once again how far Sims have come.
    descr I remember from a night shift in Ijmuiden. A colleague had put the damned game on our Hydro/Meteo computer and played it for hours. As you probably know you can't turn out the engine noise and everyone was going mad because of that ghastly whistling noise. To make a long story short, at 0330 in the morning there was a thunder storm outside and my colleague had to go to the bathroom.

    While he was away we changed the name of one of the files causing F-19 to crash rather dismally. Told my colleague that the tower had been hit by lightning while he was taking a leak, causing the file to get corrupted. Had a hell of job to keep from laughing.

    Thanks for jogging my memory, I enjoyed your virtual museum.

    Brought back memories of Sims that I played on a long procession of computers, and it made me realise once again how far Sims have come.

    I think a lot of people take the quality of the modern sims for granted."

    Thanks for a great visit,
    Julian Sallows

  • Very nice site!
    descr Gabe Turk from Microprose

  • LOVE your site!
    descr Hi MiGMan, LOVE your site!

    I remember when a good friend and I would sit down for an entire weekend and play Pilot-Copilot with F15 Strike Eagle 3. One of the best forefront sims out there!"


    Ray Sotkiewicz from Blue Side Up, the Home Cockpit Site

  • Jon Velapoldi
    descr I just had to share this with you. My background is in Flight control systems for aircraft. Never before had I seen a flight sim actually show the effects of the flight control system actively stabilizing the aeroplane as I had seen the first time in EF 2000.

    Well, call me quirky and geeky, but by golly, I got really excited when I saw this from the external view in EF 2000.

    My roomate (who is a pilot, though he is not very good at sims), works at the same lab I do, and he, too, had a broad grin on his face when he saw the moving control surfaces! I think it is interesting how few people probably realize what is going on with this : )

    My brother thought it was a bug in the game that the surfaces were moving almost continually. I just had to sit back and chuckle : )

    He's a lawyer...

    Anyway, I enjoy your webpage, it has tons of useful stuff in it.

    Jon Velapoldi
    Flight Dynamics and Control Laboratory
    University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

  • God we all thought we were so high tech back then
    descr I got the link for your museum in the Newsgroups .

    (I loved it!!) The Falconfrom '87 was great!!

    God we all thought we were so high tech back then.

    I remember my buddie had 2 sims he bought that we played the hell out of in '87... one was called F-15 Strike Eagle IF-15 Strike Eagle Ior something like that it was probably the precursor to todays F-15 by Janes Combat Simulations by Janes Combat Simulations.

    He also had another one that we loved that was an AH-64 Apache simulator (Gunship (1987)). I can't remember for the life of me what it was called, but it was monochrome!! It seemed pretty detailed at the time but my good looking back now it was archaic!!

    I started out personally with Chuck Yeager's Air Combat in '92, that was the first one I personally owned.

    Anyway, I love your museum!!

    It brought back a lot of great fun memories. Scary to think what we will think of Falcon 4.0 in 12 years huh?

    Bob, March 8th, 1999

    ' 20 years on and it's still going strong, who would have thought! - MiGMan, 2018.

  • A great amount of info.
    descr "Your site was easy to navigate and there is a great amount of info. It's also nice that you reply to people! Great Site MiGMan and keep up the excellent work." John

  • Just a note to thank you for your site.
    descr Just a note to thank you for your site. I have been having trouble with my Saitek X36 Combo (since new actually) probably what you call spiking ( if that means it's not linear left to right ie with jumps 'n' things.

    Anyway your guide to disassembling the stick was a tremendous help and it inspired me to actually do something with it ( and a need to fly Falcon 4.0. I followed your instructions (Saitek), lubed the pots and Hey Presto a working X36. Fantastic, now I'll have a look around the Saitek Web Ring. "

    Cheers Seb

  • Flight Sim paradise!
    descr My most highest salute to the man who makes this site as righteous as it is!

    This is definitely a bookmark moment for me. I will come back often and revel in this Flight Sim paradise!

    Huey, January 2000

  • Had forgotten most of these sims existed!
    descr Excellent web site... had forgotten most of those sims existed!!

    Anyway just a little point.....just for the sake of authenticity.

    In your Take-off Checklist in the F/A-18E Super Hornet the Right engine should be started first as this provides power to the Hyd system (so it say's in the manual).

    Sorry if you think this is "petty" i just thought with a great site like yours everything should be perfect !


    Mark Bewick (Roamer)

    - Not a petty detail at all Mark - au contraire, these are the kind of details that flight simmers live for! - MiGMan.

  • A great catalyst!
    descr Dear MiGMan,

    Your site has been a great catalyst in fostering my fledgling ideas of constructing a home built simulator as well as providing invaluable links to "sim" resources.

    I am currently collecting components to build my own simulator. It will probably be a multi-role simulator sense I enjoy a good game of "Battle Zone". I also enjoy Apache Havoc and Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator. I never really got into Falcon 4.0.

    One other thing, I laughed when I saw the products represented on your site. Why? Because I own the exact same products, right down to the Aura Interactor backpack.

    Anyway, thanks for your efforts.
    Chris "Muther-Goose"

  • Your web site is beautiful, and gave me some emotions rediscovering such old pieces of software, and still so beautiful.
    descr Your web site is awesome.

    Everithing, for me, started with F-19 Stealth Fighter (1989) .

    I still remember one night I went Back to the office, where my 286 was, just to play it until 3 AM. Driving back home I still remembered those red pentagon that were designating Ground Targets.

    I was also playing Gunship (1987) at that time, and Chuck Yeager's Air Combat.

    I was 20 years old at that time. Ah yes, I remember many hours playing F-19 Stealth Fighter (1989) on an Atari ST and F-117A Stealth Fighter on a PC laptop!

    Then came the 486 (my own computer this time) along with TFX. .... I don't think any othe simulation EVER gave me as much emotions as that one. Awesome clouds and lightning!

    Then EF 2000 by Digital Image Design , Longbow , F-22 ADF and most recently Falcon 4.0 and now F/A-18 by Janes.

    Your web site is beautiful, and gave me some emotions rediscovering such old pieces of software, and still so beautiful.

    From Paolo, Feb 2000

  • Among the best of Aviation sim sites.
    descr I still love coming to this site you have created and consider it among the best of Aviation sim sites.

    I have just gotten my own site up and running and would like to know if I could post a link to your page, My focus is on Armor in Action (and is an extensive series of Armor Pictures I took over the years), but I do have a small section of aircraft in action also. I would be placing your link in a standard links section.

    Although my focus is on Armor and Tanks I would like to make an exception for adding a link to the MiGMan site because of its quality and content.

    Thanks, Scott Cunningham

  • the bestest flight simulation web!
    descr Hi MiGMan is the bestest flight simulation web!


    Liu "ePilot" Li (from China)

  • I am so proud of your Olympic section on your site.
    descr MiGMan,

    As a fellow Aussie. I am so proud of your Olympic section on your site.

    I am from Sydney myself. I got home early that night from the F-111 flight because I had to fly out overseas the next day.

    When I step out of my house, I heard noise as if a jet was flying... but couldn't see where it was and it sounded very loud. I looked up and I just saw a flame light up. The afterburner, and then a small burn, and then it switched off again. I live in the Canterbury region so I am very close to the stadium.

    Then I ran back into the house and checked out the ceremony on the TV. After the F-111 went over the harbour bridge, I saw it came straight towards my suburb... it was amazing! A flaming fire ball coming straight towards my direction. It wasn't like a trail because the flame was behind the jet which was flying toward me... it looked like a fireball came out of the sky!

    I grabbed my camera as quickly as I could... but as soon as I went to snap a photo they switched off the burner... "Bugger!"

    Hope you had a ball during the Olympics. Travelling overseas telling people about the Olympics was probably one of my proudest times during overseas in Asia and Europe.


    Albert aka Recker
    389th Thunderbolt VFS

    Sydney Australia.

  • I was too busy flying.
    descr I have the boxes for A-10 Tank Killer, and have already scanned them. I'll save them as jpg's and send them to you compressed. I have the original boxes for both games, along with several other old games - F117A Stealth Fighter etc - all complete with original manuals, registration cards, etc...

    I started playing Tank Killer in 1989, when I was ten (or eleven... I can't remember when during the year it was released...) I was hooked immediately, and when I learned of version 1.5, I irritated my father enough for him to pre-order a copy for me... to this day, I still sometimes get the music beeping from the pc speaker stuck in my head...

    I found your site through Home of the underdogs and wanted to check it out to see what info it had on early flight sims.

    I can't remember which version it was, but when I was 5 or 6 my father amazed me by bringing home a friend's copy of MS Flight Sim... It was monochrome, wireframed, hard to learn to use (especially for a 5-6 year old...) but extremely addicting. Since then I have loved Computer flight Sims, and tonight I have downloaded a copy of 1.5... My originals are 5&1/2's, and I no longer have access to such decrepit (and fun) machines... I miss the IBM pc my dad sold for twenty bucks... (he should have kept it, for nostalgia's sake...).

    I don't think I'll ever get rid of the A-10 boxes, as they represent why I never had many friends in grade school... I was too busy flying.

    Steve O'Neill

  • Lack of sleep!
    descr A comment on your website My only "complaint" about it and your efforts in putting such a mass of material together and maintaining same is ... lack of sleep!

    My own!

    It's that good!

    The breakdown of the flight sims alone, by specific year and with individual comment and reference(s) is, by itself, worth the gander not to mention everything else although the The Flight Sim Museum excellent as that is, has the unfortunate effect of making me feel ancient.

    Those graphics of Sub-logic type runways a la the old days and what was available pre-pentium effectively and indeed graphically shows how far we've really come in this hobby and aviation adjunct.

    Dr. Anthony J. Lomenzo

  • A big thumbs up
    descr I have been visiting your websites many times so far, and tonight I spent wonderful hours at the Flight Sim Museum; - I just wanted to give you a big thumbs up for the website, it has been a favorite place to visit for a long time so far, and it will be.

    Thanks for the effort!

    Nick Schreger (MeatWater)
    MeatWater: audioworX
    Audio for Entertainment-Software

  • Well done MiGMan!
    descr An armchair pilot

    After searching high and low for some answers to my problems with the Saitek X36F/X35T joystick and flight controller I came across: "Fix your Saitek joysticks and throttles" - a wealth of information!

    Well done Migman, its good to see flight sims are alive and well. My first experience with a flight simulator was 20 years ago! Now I consider myself an "Armchair Pilot", but very few people I know use flight sims so we are few and far between.

    I purchased Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2 and I love it! A far cry from Flight Simulator 1's monochrome wire frame graphics - with little or no game missions other than take off and landings using a keyboard as flight controls!

    Great site!

    Dominique Denais
    Caboolture Electrical

  • Ace!
    descr Hello! I just found your site for this wonderful flight sim. - F/A-18 Korea

    What can I say? - Ace!

    You've done a great job portraying all the necessary flight info in one easy to understand place. There are very few other places up to your quality and commitment. Well done!

    And with the forthcoming release of the OpenGL version for the PC I will be able to go back to the splendid textured graphics I used to enjoy when I had my Voodoo card in place (With my GeForce the voodoo won't run in parallel for some reason).

    Thanks again for a well designed site.

    Nigel Alefounder
    Shropshire, England

  • I really enjoyed your site.
    descr Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your site. I found it by doing a search on for F15 Strike Eagle.

    I was wondering if there were any new sims for this bird. I was glad to see that my experience with flight sims is very similar to yours.

    I also remember the days of LED flight sims, and I even went so far as to write a TI calculator sim of "hyper" space travel.

    I don't have it anymore, and I doubt I could recreate it, not that I'd even want to. Anyway, later, and keep up the great work.

    Bill England

  • There is a lot going on on your site.
    descr The last time I discovered your site I said, "this is real neat", looked around a bit and then surfed on my way to something else. I think the biggest thing I didn't realize at the time is that there is a lot going on on your site and things are constantly updated.

    Glad I signed up on the list and re-discovered the!

    Mark Hermonat

  • A personal dream of mine.
    descr I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your site. I was very pleased to see a personal dream of mine to create something like this become a reality.

    An outstanding effort.

    Thanks for putting so much into this experience. I have been collecting flight sims since Dam Busters.Your site is a walk back in time. Again great job!

    best regards
    Martin McMurray

  • You are one helluva flight sim enthusiast, and it shows, brilliantly and devotedly.
    descr June 9th, 2001

    Greetings, MiGMan.

    I have to say this: you are one helluva flight sim enthusiast, and it shows, brilliantly and devotedly. Your pages inform and help to spread the word about flight simulators and the developers history. Congrats to you, sir.

    I have a degree in Physics, and love aeronautics and astronautics. I've been an afficionado of flight sims ever since I laid my eyes on ... F-15 Strike Eagle II (1989), F-15 Strike Eagle II, F-117A Stealth Fighter and Chuck Yeager's Air Combat.

    In those days...well, in those days I just wondered if simulations would ever get off the ground and depict reality as much as possible. I would go crazy when my 386 machine had a brain malfunction and my campaign was blown to pieces when I had to reboot it.

    Then came along F-29 Retaliator and us guys in the University, had dogfights among us playing F-29 Retaliator.

    I pretty much lost contact with the flight sim world because I assumed that no one really cared enough to make sims more accurate and less arcade.

    Then...recently, I bought: F-16 Aggressor, FA-18 by Janes, USAF, F-16 Multi Role Fighter by Novalogic... and I'm awaiting for the arrival in my mailbox of F-22 Lightning 3, Total Air War and EF 2000.

    I love F-16 Aggressor- good flight modeling, good graphics, good soundtrack, more than fair enemie's AI, albeit having an average campaign and not having a deep storyline.

    But I wonder what the fuss is all about, when they talk about Jane's simulations. I have a pretty good machine (AMD DURON 700 MHZ, 128 SDRAM 133 MHZ, 32 MB GRAPHIC CARD - TNT2 RIVA 64, A DVD PLAYER FAST ENOUGH), and these games, with settings on maximum detail, seem to die before my eyes, getting slow and boring.

    On the other hand, real combat is, without a doubt, more intense, fast and deadly than the combats I have fought through these games!

    Everybody seemed so eager in beating (up on) F-16 Aggressor , giving emphasis to its faults, but to me , this seem, is very much one the best simulations (whatever the genre you consider) ever done. Ok, I grant that Bethesda Softworks could have given it more time to test it, to develop it, to give it more variety, but it's a fine simulation.

    I would very much like to know your opinion on this, if you have the time. As for me, I certainly consider myself as belonging to the hardcore type of flight sim enthusiast, and certainly hope to find in Super EF 2000 and Total Air War the super realistic and engrossing simulations everybody talks so much about (I know F-22 Lightning 3is not a hardcore simulation).

    Keep up with the good work.

    Sincerely, Miguel Lousado Margarido

  • The Art of flying
    descr Your museum is a very unique dedication to a form of art only certain people can appreciate but it is very much appreciated.

    Glen Gilbert

  • A good source on so many flight sims
    descr "Hi MigMan

    Thanks for the tips. I didn't have much joy on altavista re US Navy Fighters specifically but I'll try the wider DOS thing and see what I can dredge up.

    I'm fairly new to sims but have been enjoying European Air War a lot - having been a child of the Airfix generation it was a big thrill to be able to "fly" all those old birds after all those years just building kits and reading about them. I have an early Pentium MMX box so I am limited in what will work and it's a bit galling to find backward compatibility also such a big a problem!

    I'm presently making a start with Novalogic's Mig 29 Fulcrum and enjoyed reading the pieces on your site, which is a good source on so many flight sims. I'm not a pilot so I'm quite happy with those sims which simplify (or allow you to simplify) things so you can get - and stay - in the virtual air and blow things up.

    Not that I'm blowing up much at the moment - I spent about 10 minutes last night, having used up all my missiles, twisting about after a lowly F7 (Chinese version of the MiG-21) trying to nail him with the cannon. I'm not very good at ACM at the best of times (prefer tackling B17s and B24s in a Bf110G) and that radar gunsight takes a bit of getting used to. Had to break off when I got a low fuel warning but the bugger came after me and shot me down - cheek! At least I'm getting pretty good at ejecting : )

    Falcon 4 runs passably on my box and I suppose I ought to get into that as it seems to be regarded as about the best modern air combat sim and has a good following. But I do like that big Soviet bird and that lovely scenery!
    All the best and good luck."

    Ivor Hughes.

  • Gunship
    descr Thanks for your little review of Gunship in today's posting in the newsgroup. I saw a copy downtown for $20 -- guess I'll have to go get it. I love sims with nice terrain.

    Chris Conly, Seattle September 28th, 2001

  • USNF and DOS problems
    descr Dear MiGMan,

    My name is Marc and I am a HUGE fan of US Navy Fighters. I am having difficulties running my copy of USNF. Please Keep Reading! i have contacted Electronic Art's Technical Support and they have no record of the game (Funny That).

    If you could offer me some advice, or direct me to someone who can I would greatly appreciate it. My problem is that when I start USNF, I get to the prompt for Video Mode, soundcard etc., Then it goes black, and nothing happens.

    Occasionly i get a message saying "cannot find USNF CD, please insert into your CD-ROM" - "Continue" - "Cancel", but my CD IS in the drive and it IS reading it. This is rather confusing for me. PLEASE HELP ME?

    Sincerely, Marc.

    P.S. I really liked your Site, keep up the good work! Thanx For Reading This E-Mail.

    My reply to Marc was:

    "Hi Marc,

    There are many reasons that could cause your problem.

    First - try and reinstall the game. Then make sure you have the latest drivers for your soundcard and graphcs cards. Beyond that I can't help you unfortunately. One way to vastly simplify your life would be to get Fighters Anthology - which contains USNF converted to run under Windows.

    DOS sims are difficult to run at the best of times - one day I hope to write a guide but it won't be in the near future."

    Marc replied a day later:

    "Hey MiGMan,

    Thank you for your help, I was not expecting your reply, and to my surprise, you hit the nail on the head.

    After installing new drivers for my sound and video, and re-tweaking my 3D accelerator, IT'S WORKING!! THANKY OU SO MUCH! I had no idea it was so simple.

    Thanx again, Marc."

  • All those flying hours of the ancient past are coming back to me now.
    descr 18th October, 2001

    Hi MiGMan,

    I just want to let you know that I like the sim museum site of yours very much! All those flying hours of the ancient past are coming back to me now. Thanks!"

    Bye, Eddie

  • Your site is WICKED!!!!
    descr October 19th, 2001

    " This ain't got nothing to do with news or info, just a few words to let you know your site is WICKED!!!!

    I found it today and have been there most of it, it's a trip down memory lane, not only the sims themselves but the machines I played them on. Keep up the good work - PEACE."

    Benjahman Kush

  • Keep up the great work.
    descr 25th October, 2001

    " Hey, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your site, aside from how old it makes me feel.

    Keep up the great work."


  • A trip down memory lane.
    descr "Just to say a Thank You for the great work you do MiGMan. The museum is a trip down memory lane for us old dogs and a joy every visit. Special thanks too for the EXCELLENT Saitek pages. You obviously put a lot of work into them and it's a credit to you."


    Recruitment Officer
    185th Reservoir Dogs
    Website :

  • Thanks to MiGMan
    descr Yep, I would also say Thanx to MigMan.

    I remember my first Sim was Sub Logic Jet and I thought it was the $hit running on my high tech 10MHz XT Clone's amber monitor.

    Look where we are now.

    I do miss what I call the "Flight Sim Renaissance though. Remember when Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator (1998), European Air War, World War 2 Fighters, Longbow 2, F-15 by Janes Combat Simulations were all still new games.

    That was an excellent year for Sims and I hardly had enough spare cash to buy them all

    : 0

    At least now I can occasionally go back and buy an older one that I do not yet own like RB3D etc. Just wish the damn newer OSs would support these games properly.


  • WOW !!!
    descr 3rd November, 2001


    A truly amazing site. I cruised the different pages for hours, lost in memory lane! Great job putting something like this together."

    Jim (via

  • "i have wasted my life"
    descr 22nd November, 2001

    "I ventured to MiGMan's site to look for an old game i use to play on the Amiga F/A-18 Interceptor and i looked at the date it was released.

    That's when i thought (set the scene: Comic Book guy from Simpsons just when the bomb is about to hit him)...

    "i have wasted my life".

    No, i am only kidding i don't regret any of my simming but when i look back, i was starting college (90) and i got my first amiga 500 ( half meg ram ) and this was the game that started me off (Wingstoo). The final mission chasing cruise missiles the submarine type aircraft carriers, all great fun. The dial card protection system or was that some other game, forgot already.

    And from there a series of games that may not have been great in there field but were truly seminal to me.

    Falcon 3.0with its manual that you could kill a man with. (for FPS types Robocop with its dongle protection and different types of gameplay).

    If there was one game you could point out and say "now that was a great game" i would have to say F/A-18 Interceptor was the one for me.


  • I'm almost 30, but still addicted.
    descr 22nd November, 2001

    "LOL. Same for me too. I graduated high school in 1990, went to college and my dad bought me an Amiga 500.

    I spent some hard earned money on the Hard Disk/memory expansion device and spent $220 on a 80MB (yes, MB, not GB) hard drive and another $150 for an addtional 2MB of RAM for a whopping 2.5 MB RAM.

    I was stylin', and the envy of all the computer nerds at the time. My games included some basketball game, Civilization, and a space fight/strategy game that I forget the name of. I belive I did have Falcon though, but didn't take the time to read the manual to properly play it, and some other Jet Fighter sim that I can't remember either (sheesh, I AM getting old). Must've been like Jetfighter II or something.

    Sad to say, my flight sim passion didn't really start until I got a PC in '94 after College and my first game purchase was Jane's US Navy Fightersfor DOS, on my new Pentium 60 with 4MB RAM and an S3 Virge chipset with a 650MB HD....

    Oh, reminiscing. And yes, thanks to MiGMan for making me feel old as well.

    I'm almost 30, but still addicted. That's either good or bad... I guess take it any way you can!

    Hockey Town USA

  • Have been looking at your site now for over a year...
    descr 12th December, 2001


    Have been looking at your site now for over a year, and find it very interesting.

    The reason I'm sending you an e-mail is that I have found A320 Airbus has been brought out again, and made to run under Win 95 - 98. I dont know if you know this, you probobly do. Also is there any chance you could put X-plane on your site, as it's a wonderfull sim, and especially now that it's released in �29.99 form and not �200+.

    Keep up the good work. Your site is one of the best."


  • I always check out your Stuff before going on another spending spree!
    descr 10th December, 2001

    "Just like to drop you a note to say I love your Site!

    Up till about 3 months ago my Game collection had no Flight sims in it at all. I started by getting F-22 Lightning 3 and the rest is well... history. I now have around 15 Sims, mostly unplayed as i cant stop buying em lol! Your site has been a great insight for me and I always check out your Stuff before going on another spending spree!

    Talking off which I've just ordered a few more! SO just like to say thanks for all your hard work!

    P. Brown

  • Excellent work about this site.
    descr Salute to every flight simmer!
    " Excellent work about this site. Happy flying to everyone who reads this entry."

    Sat 06 Aug 2005

  • The best and most complete archive of the history of PC air combat sims.
    descr MiGMan's Flight Sim Museum is the best and most complete archive of the history of PC air combat sims on the web. Keep up the great work!

    DH -

    Thu 11 Aug 2005

  • Independence War?
    descr I don't see Independence War series in the 1990s Space Sims. Independence War is one of the most cool space simulations ever... "

    Sun 14 Aug 2005

  • Thrustmaster Mark II FCS
    descr I recently had the urge to take to the skies with my older version of MS Flight Simulator, and in the process got out of storage my Thrustmaster Weapons Control System Mk II (it too, is old, but is still in good working order).

    Regrettably, however, I searched high and low - without success, for its operating software disk. So I can only assume at this point that its been lost forever.

    Might you have any suggestions as to where one might be able to procure an original or copy of this operating software disk?

    I attempted to contact Thrustmaster in this regard, but since they no longer carry it in their model lines, their website would not allow me to place any inquiry about it. Thank you.

    Lee Wilhite
    Thu 25 Aug 2005

  • Falcon 3.0 DOS version.
    descr I recently dusted off this old game. How does a nontechnical computer user get it to run on a pentium 4 PC ?"

    Chuck Ferguson
    Sat 17 Sep 2005

  • Thanks for keeping this invaluable repository online.
    descr It remains one of the classic flight sim sites that all simmers should be aware of. Always brings back many good memories, and I'm surprised at how many sims I never new existed!

    Great work bud! "

    James "Nutty" Hallows -
    Fri 23 Sep 2005

    MiGMan: Thanks James!

    For those who don't know, James Hallows is the genius who created the interface for programming the Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar - arguably the world's best combat flight control system.<

  • 16 weeks grounded
    descr New PC keeps locking up
    Gidday migman

    You may or may not remember me - I'm the old geriatric who fronted you after your talk at the Sydney Flight Sim Expo and sought your advice about a video card for my new computer that I was planning at that time..

    Fact of the matter is, I have now built my dream computer, mainly with FS2004 in mind but have run up against a brick wall. The bloody thing keeps locking up solid on both FS2002 and FS2004. I have scoured all the flightsim sites for weeks and tried all the tips and suggestions I can see without success.

    I was wondering if you know of any experienced flightsimmer in Brisbane who might be prepared to help me out. Can't seem to find any organised group in Brissy on the internet so was hoping you might know someone, as I'm sure they are about..

    Yours in hopeful anticipation.
    Alan Kilpatrick (Brisbane)


    ...the final chapter..
    Thought the RAM was crook so took it back to supplier A for testing - returned unable to fault.

    Local computer guru suggested it was the RAM sockets on mobo - took entire case and contents to mobo supplier B who wrote up the following fault report for his techie (this is a cut and paste)

    " MB only from us. System has been unstable. System locks in the middle of running Flight Simulator. Can do it from 10 seconds to 10 minutes. screen, mouse lockes, can't alt crtl del. System can sometimes lock up in other programs but not as frequently. RAM has been tested ok by Umart. Custoemr has tried reisntalling windows from a clean start 5 times already with no change. custoemr believes he has all of teh latest drivers. Customer just recently tried to update the BIOS on the motherboard but after the updated the system will post but come up saying the CPU overclock has failed and it will not load defaults. or system can give Cmos checksum bad error."

    After a week of anxiety received the following diagnosis from supplier B (more cut and paste)

    "Custoemers cpu seems to be causing the system to crash randomly. using the customers cpu on our test motherboard the system had trouble installing windows xppro and was unstable. using our test cpu both the test system and the customers system were functioning correctly. I also used a P4 3.4Ghz Prescot to test the customers system which functioned correctly. All hardware exept for the cpu test ok"

    Took CPU to supplier A for testing - after another week was rewarded with a brand new CPU under warranty from Intel. Have installed said CPU and after 16 weeks of total frustration my dream machine is now carrying me effortlessly throughout the flightsim world.

    Love to stop and chat Pete but I've got 3 months of flying to catch up on....!!!! Thanks for all your suggestions mate and who knows - we might meet in cyber aerospace sometime.

    Cheers for now
    Alan Kilpatrick

  • JF2 and XP with DOSBox... help
    descr 22 OCT 2005, 1451 HRS local Wow, what a website you have.

    My first PC game was Jetfighter II, and I have been trying to use DOSBox with D-Fend (the front end program for DOSBox) and cannot get it to run.

    Jetfighter II always bails out whenever I select Freeflight or a Mission. I have been successful at getting DosBox to run many older games such as: Conquest of the New World Star Trek TNG A Final Unity Strike Commander Wing Commander II However, JF2 has got me over a barrel. Can you share the settings you are using with DOSBox to get JF2 to run? Thank you."

    Craig Knapp
    Sat 22 Oct 2005

    MiGMan: I seem to remember getting to run under a normal Windows 98 DOS box.... but maybe my memory is fooling me!

  • Great site you have here!!
    descr I have a running thread in a few sim forums called Sturmovik Essentials.... it is in The UBI forums for IL2 (natch) Hyperlobby, Netwings,SOH and Frugals as well I believe.

    I just added this great site ot it. Keep up the good work."

    Sat 29 Oct 2005

  • How to run 'Chuck Yeagers Air Combat' under XP
    descr Is it possible to run Chuck Yeager's Air Combat under Windows XP? I assume it can be run in a dos window with the right compatibilty mode set, but I would appreciate some pointers in how to configure the sound and joystick settings (autoexec.bat!) Many thanks. "

    Wed 09 Nov 2005

  • Operation Flash Point: Resistance (2002)
    descr Strictly speaking, OFP is a first person shooter, but it also has a tremendous flight simulator with all the third party addons which rivals the best flight sims. One downside is all the developer's patches. It went from 1.0 to 1.96 with about 15 patches in total!

    But if you want to fly virtually any military and a lot of civilian acft without a huge learning curve the OFP is the one to buy! Plus there's a tremendous amount of fansites to support the newbie."

    Dan Hanke
    Thu 17 Nov 2005

    MiGMan: Thanks for the heads up! Look for an OFP gallery in the Museum soon!

  • Combat pilot in the Royal Navy flying Vickers Supermarine Scimitar F1s.
    descr I will be getting some flightsim software soon and was checking out your site when I noticed my name was the same as yours. For info I was a combat pilot in the Royal Navy flying Vickers Supermarine Scimitar F1s.

    Originally designed as an interceptor its high altitude manoeuvering left a lot to be desired. It was eventually alocated to ground attack where its very high tolerance to G forces made it quite a hot rod.

    I have only flown civilian helicopters so your sim packages might fill the gap.

    John Flexman
    Mon 21 Nov 2005

    MiGMan: Hi John, I think you are confusing me with Richard "Flexman" Hawley (featured on this site in the Combat Helo exhibit). Richard Hawley is famous in the Helicopter simulator community for his contributions to Longbow , Enemy Engaged - Apache vs. Havoc and the Enemy Engaged - Comanche vs Hokum strategy guide.

  • Multiple Monitors
    descr I've been a flight sim buff for a very long time, including having a private pilots licence for 10 years. It got to be too expensive a hobbie for me so I'm on the computer sims now.

    I would like to run a secondary monitor to put FS's gauges on and just have graphics on my main monitor. I have a P4 3.2gig system with an ATI X850XT video card. I've looked around at a number of sites but can't seem to find any software that will split up the FS's windows. Anyone out there know where or even if I can get software that will do this, even if its just a trial copy? :) "

    Tue 27 Dec

    Track IR

    Greg, multiple monitors are easy nowadays -

    Windows XP
    Any reasonable graphics card (USD$200.00 plus) will support two monitors
    • Start Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
    • launch a flight
    • press Alt-Enter to change from fullscreen to windowed mode
    • open your extra windows (gauges etc)
    • right click and "undock"
    • drag to the second monitor
    • press Alt-Enter to change from windowed mode to fullscreen
    • resize the windows as desired
    Now combine this setup with Track IR on the main screen and you are flying in a very sophisticated virtual cockpit with unlimited views!

  • Thrustmaster drivers
    descr Operating software for Thrustmaster flight control MK I, Weapons control sys MK II, Rudder control sys.

    I have obtained the above listed components. I need operating software to use with Microsoft's combat flight simulators. Where can I obtain? Thanks in advance. "

    Wed 11 Jan 2006

  • A Citizen Soldier in the Air
    descr I just finished reading A Citizen Soldier in the Air.

    I just am always amazed at these guys. Great article, Thanks.

    I have put a photo of the Owen L Buford (42-72899)crew who flew in the 321st Jolly Rogers on their web site. My step-dad trained with them just before they went over.My dad was grounded and replaced by Kenneth Rode.

    They all died on take off Feb. 29, 1944. My dad never got over it. He talked about until the day he died. I found out later their remains were recovered and brought back in 1983. I am always willing to share a copy of the photo, if any wishes a copy.The photo is of the training plane, not the plane the crew went over in."

    Terry -
    Sat 14 Jan 2006

    Thanks Terry, it is always good to be able to share the history of these events which affect us all.

    The whole article A Citizen Soldier in the Air - free PDF downloadcan be read or downloaded in .pdf format (suitable for printing).

  • SVGA Harrier Assault (1992)
    descr I found it impossible to get this classic sim running under Windows 98, unfortunately it doesn't seem happy with 3D video cards. If you have an older conmputer with an S3 graphics card you should be able to run it. "

    I got it running using dosbox.63 with a frontend made by D-Fend, link via dosbox. Used the wizard from the frontend, did not change anything, and off i flew. Only drawback is that my cougar throttle (and aaxis) are not being recognized, stick and rudder are ok."


  • Tornado Album
    descr Has any come across the Tornado Album released and avilable when the flight sim Tornado (1993) was released. If you know of the album or no anyone has got it I would be very interested in listening to it, still trying to track down a copy on ebay

    Adrian Brown -

  • Battle of Britain - Their Finest Hour
    descr I realy enjoyed reading through your website, there were some sims I played and almost had forgotten.

    But there was one I considered very important and couldn't find, it was "Their finest Hour the Battle of Britain" by Lawrence Holland and Lucasfilm games. I'm not quite sure when it came out, probably around 1990, it was the first Sim I played, I was seven!

    It would be realy great if you could ad it to the site. Thanks for the wonderfull tour through your Museum, keep up the good work. "

    Greatings 76IAP.-Maennis
    Fri 27 Jan 2006

  • Alien pig abduction
    descr First I must say you have what I consider to be the best site on the net, regarding flight simulators!

    I was in "free flight" mode of my Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator (1998), flying a Spitfire over England, when believe it or not, I came upon a U.F.O. in the act of abducting a pig!

    I noticed a fine line on the horizon and since in "freeflight" there aren't any other planes in the air, I "flew" over to check it out, as it didn't appear to be a problem with my video card settings.

    Imagine my surprise upon seeing this U.F.O. and pig!

    An added surprise was seeing Stonehenge in the immediate vicinity of the U.F.O.. I must admit to not knowing much at all, about programming, but I'm sure these objects must be the result of a programmer leaving his or her own personal touch, ha!ha!

    Have you, or do know of anyone else finding these somewhat out of place objects in their copy of the game? "

    Thank You! Jim Benson. Fri 03 Feb 2006

    MiGMan: Do a search for "Easter Eggs" on this site and you will find quite a few little jokes put into sims by the programmers.

  • Knights of the Sky
    descr Rob 'Bomber' Henderson's review of Knights of the Sky on your Knights of the Sky page indicates a lack of knowledge of WWI and ballistics. Knights of the Sky is the best simulation of the WWI air war I have found.

    They really captured the essence of the times with the random life expectancy factor and true deflection shooting, without the misery of diahorrea from castor oil fumes.

    In hundreds of 'lives', I've only managed to survive the war once, just like real life. Knights of the Sky really isn't a 'game'. It's a pretty accurate immersion in an historical hotspot. "

    glen pearce
    Fri 17 Feb 2006

    MiGMan: Steady on there lads !!! WINK !

    Thanks for your comments glen - they have been added to the Knights of the Sky exhibit.

  • F15 Strike Eagle III by Microprose
    descr MiGMan, Thank you for keeping this game alive.

    I fell in love with this sim the year it came out. I have an "vintage" 486DX2 @ 66 that I keep in the attic just so I can run this game. It is the perfect balance between "arcade" and "realistic simulation". Are you aware of any resources that enable this to be run from a USB thumbdrive or bootable CD?

    I keep thinking I should get rid of the old computer, but nothing has ever met my expectations since F15III, and I refuse to part with my ability to run this game. Perhaps you can recommend a solution? I ran it successfully on Win98 but have since started using W2K for my main computer. I plan to "seek until I find" a way to make this work on new computers. I would sincerely appreciate your help."

    Thanks again, James

    James Teel
    Mon 20 Feb 2006

    Thanks James - maybe one of the Museum's readers can help you out. I agree - F15 Strike Eagle 3 was a replayable blend of fun and
    action with seemingly infinite mission variety. Clever little Microprose!

  • Great Page!
    descr Hi MiGMan, I enjoy your website it is really great so see all the good old games from the good old days!

    I remember, one of my first Flight Sims was Strike Aces / Fighter Bomber (1989) on C64, and Falcon and F/A-18 Interceptor on AMIGA :)

    Hope you will continue your work on this website and maybe you take a look on my Website ; ) "

    Greetz from Germany, Brork
    Tues 21 Feb 2006

  • If you guys loved Homeworld...
    descr If you guys loved Homeworld, especially the pilot view option, and you love flight sims, then you should LOVE these other space flight sim games:

    BANG, Gunship Elite - almost arcade style space fighter sim, and quite challenging in difficulty.

    Descent: Freespace 1 and 2 - they carry the earlier Descent series into fully 3D space, with rich graphics and scenery, in depth campaigns, and engrossing gameplay. The game engine is definitely more flight-sim than real, true space physics. You can customise your ships and play versus other fighters and gigantic capital ships of unimaginable size.

    Independence War 1 and 2 - more realistic physics game engine, with an interesting storyline and unique ship that can pick up cargo and perform other tasks besides just shooting.

    Tachyon: The Fringe - realistic space physics game engine, with anything from small fighters to larger capital ships. Awesome strafing and dogfighting, especially for it's time, circa 1999. Very, very underrated, and highly recommended game! You can even target individual parts of a ship.

    Jumpgate - an MMOG monthly fee game, but you get to whip out your joystick and really enjoy some great space flight in a fully PvP and PvE game that also lets you try out different ships and customise them.

    Vendetta Online - another MMOG, very similar, using a flight-sim first person perspective, different ships and customiseable weapons.

    I've liked flight sims ever since Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer, back on my IBM PS2 286 with a whopping 640kb of RAM and no harddrive. :D - stop by and see us, ARrr! "

    [DP]Ghent96 (
    Wed 26 Apr 2006

  • DC-10 sim?
    descr Somewhere in my files I have a copy of the DC-10 manual for a PC sim ("DC-10" ?) with no graphics other than a character-based flat 'cockpit' of crude gauges.

    It was for IBM PC and allowed flights from England to Holland. I do not find it mentioned in the relevant wikipedia articles or MSFS history pages I will try to dig the copy out - it was widely pirated in the mid-80's, I believe. The key-combinations were arcane ( I learned to fly by NDB with no manual ). If you landed, OK, your flight ended.

    Most often I (reportedly) missed the runway. After this, seeing Flight Simulator on a Mac was quite an eye-opener ... I had planned to run it on a 256 Kb 'Hyperion' with a tiny amber CRT ( no hard drive ). I may have DC10 on a 5 1/4" floppy in storage.

    To quote "ORBITER is a space shuttle simulation from PC Services, Digital Illusions, and Spectrum HoloByte." As I recall, this and 'Falcon AT' were among the first PC games to detect and use the 287 chip for floating-point calculations at a time when those chips went into an optional socket ( if the socket was even present on the board) "

    Robert Shiplett
    Thu 23 Nov 2006

  • Completely overcome by the memories this site stirred up.
    descr I accidentally stumbled across your site and I'm now completely overcome by the memories this site stirred up.

    I started off with my first PC bought entirely in order to use Falcon AT,

    Then the first Jetfighter. It didn't take too long and I was importing and selling Elite sims and carrying Thrustmaster in my buddy's store. I still have two sets of Thrustmaster Rudder Pedals new in boxes in the basement.

    I remember all of this. What a trip.

    I have at least two piles of old software in the basement office (which includes these classics): TFX, JetFighter III, F-15 by Janes Combat Simulations, F/A-18 by Janes, Chuck Yeager's Air Combat, the OLD F-15 Strike Eagle IF-15 Strike Eagle I on 3.5" (I think').


    I'm actually surprised how little of this type of simulation comes out anymore. It's like the entire genre died (or was bought by Mr Gates.) In fact, one of my favorite games that I still talk about today (and I hate myself for selling my last copy- I had more on backorder-never came) was Bruce Artwick's 'Tower'. That was awesome!!

    Bruce Artwick, programmer of Flight Simulator I and Flight Simulator II.
    Bruce Artwick

    Anyway, by the late 90's, there was so little 'good' stuff coming, I sort of lost interest in it. model They were buggy; the PC speeds were constantly changing; people just couldn't keep up with the ever changing demands and; if you had a 'Uber PC', the results were often mediocre.

    I'd love to see it all come back. In fact, the cool way to work the sims would be to have it all transfer to Playstation or Xbox since sims are all about the graphics / flight modeling. then we need good rudders and HOTAS for the PS3 and/or Xbox. Games exist for them but very 'arcade'.

    Thanks for the memory trip. Keep it up. Let me know if there is anything coming that will rekindle my 'flight fever'. When I sort through the pile of stuff, I'll shoot you a list to see if there is anything you want. "

    Rob Gibney
    Sat 24 Feb 2007

  • My first flight simulator, in 1986.
    descr Super Huey has been my first flight simulator in 1986 and I have a gorgeus memory of it. I congratulate with you for your nice website.

    Tue 16 Jan 2007

  • B-24, a decent sim for it's time.
    descr This was a decent sim for the time. You basically are flting missions from Africa to Ploesti.

    You select realism and start with your aircraft. You fuel up, bomb up and then it is take off time.

    Flaps gear, all have to be right to get off the ground. Tioo much fuel and bombs make it tough.

    You are given a bombing coordinates and escort and form up coordinates and must make each one.

    Once altitude is reached you fly to target. Once in target zone and even before there are fighters and then flak. You select the realism and it can get hectic much like a B-24 was.

    You must monitor engines and not feathering a damaged engine can spell disaster. Once you are over target you can be affected by wind. Open bomb bay doors and try to drop bombs on determined coordinates.

    Then fly back through same flak and fighters. Once you land you are given a bomb damage assessment.

    You must destroy the facilities within so much time. All lost aircraft take away from next mission. Select other targets and keep trying.

    Ii never could destroy it all. It was not the best graphics but, entertaining and a challenge.

    August, 2007

  • Cockpit Collection
    descr hi, where can i buy those keyboard cover for flight simulators? "

    delor lauchang

    MiGMan: These? - Cockpit Collection's Keyboard Control Covers? - Look on google, but as far as I know they are not made anymore.

  • Sims with nukes?
    descr Good day,

    I have been absorbed in flight sims, both civilian and military since about 1984. I have played and still own many of the titles featured on the Flight Sim Museum. I have an unusual little personal goal for my flight-sim collection. I say 'unusual', because to my amazement, I can find no other individual who has tried what I am trying with solid information online. Anyway, let me get straight to it....

    I am trying to gather a complete list of combat flight simulators which include the use of nuclear weapons. I only became interested in this about 4 years ago when I was playing Nova-Logic's 'Lightning-III'. One of that game's unusual features was the inclusion of high-drag, unguided nuclear bombs. I decided to start collecting games which feature such weapons. I was very surprised to find that there just aren't that many sims out there which share this feature. I went back and dug up armour-geddon which featured a high-yield weapon as one of the main goals of the game. I also grabbed another copy of starglider-2 which featured a neutron emission weapon, but I am really not interested in the space-based sims, just the combat air sims.

    I thought back to the Jane's series which included no nuclear weapons and I really must say I was surprised that such was the case considering the cold-war setting of some of those games. I was likewise surprised at other cold-war sims which seem to completely avoid the nuclear option such as: Strike Eagle series, Project Stealth Fighter and Nighthawk F-117 from Microprose, Falcon 3.0, Megafortress (jeez! no nukes in a b-52? that ain't right),

    I thought maybe the idea of nuclear weapons in those games I just mentioned was seen as 'hypothetical' and were avoided for authenticity. I next turned my attention to another period/theatre setting...

    "OK now," I said to myself, "let's look at the World War 2 historical sims. Must be many sims that focus on the Pacific and climax with the atomic raids on Japan. Its historical fact, no hypothetical situation there at all. Well... let's just say big disappointment. I couldn't believe games like Aces of the Pacific, Combat Flight Sim 1 and 2(Microsoft), Pacific Air War, and so on didn't include the atomic raids. I thought to myself, 'Is it avoided out of a sense of political correctness?' Then I thought 'Can't be... there are all kinds of other things that would have been cut as well if P.C.ness was the culprit.'

    At any rate, have you ever compiled a list of flight sims with nukes? I would love to see such a list, or at least to have some such games named for me and brought to my attention. Can you help me???

    Elliott C. Baker

  • My opinion of 3dfx and Flight experience.
    descr 27th Jan 2017
    My opinion of 3dfx and Flight experience.

    I absolutely loved the Voodoo cards. I never had the high dollar cards but I always tried to stay with the big name brands. My last card was a Creative Labs Banshee. I never really took to the Nvidia graphics. I thought the 16-bit color depth was enough and was perfect for reflective textures for Need 4 Speed: Hot Pursuit. No jaggies at all.

    I started flying flight simulators back in 1982 with Jumbo Jet Pilot on the Atari 800. I chose to dedicate to PCs in 1992 when I was in Flight School. MS was discontinuing their product after FS 4.0 Mac and I went with the PC.

    I have 1423 hrs actual and type rated for Beech King Air 350, Saab 340. I really wanted to get my check ride in an ATR but, I was stricken with Multiple-Sclerosis in 1997. I can still live out my dream with the simulators.

    FYI: in my opinion, for VFR conditions, flight simulators are more difficult than RL due to the lack of sensory information.

    R. Lee Wicker

  • A trip down memory lane.
    descr "Just to say a Thank You for the great work you do MiGMan. The museum is a trip down memory lane for us old dogs and a joy every visit. Special thanks too for the EXCELLENT Saitek pages. You obviously put a lot of work into them and it's a credit to you."


    Recruitment Officer
    185th Reservoir Dogs
    Website :

  • Thanks to MiGMan
    descr Yep, I would also say Thanx to MigMan.

    I remember my first Sim was Sub Logic Jet and I thought it was the $hit running on my high tech 10MHz XT Clone's amber monitor.

    Look where we are now.

    I do miss what I call the "Flight Sim Renaissance though. Remember when Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator (1998), European Air War, World War 2 Fighters, Longbow 2, F-15 by Janes Combat Simulations were all still new games.

    That was an excellent year for Sims and I hardly had enough spare cash to buy them all

    : 0

    At least now I can occasionally go back and buy an older one that I do not yet own like RB3D etc. Just wish the damn newer OSs would support these games properly.