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Rob "bomber" Henderson
"My first taste of a computer sim was a game called Time Gate . It was early eighties and the computer, a ZX81." ... read on... Software

Fave sims

WWII Sim: IL-2 Sturmovik / Forgotten Battles / Aces Expansion Pack / Pacific Fighters series (plus all the add-ons for it). WHY?: This sim has just got everything going for it. Beautiful graphics, gameplay, multiple war zones, incredible detail in each flyable aircraft, ability to create custom missions & campaigns, superb support from the developer...

Modern Combat sim: tie between Lock-On (LOMAC) and Strike Fighters Project 1

Civilian sim: tie between Flight Unlimited 3 and Flight Simulator 2002 Professional

On the Spectrum 128k I had:

  1. Time Gate;
  2. Fighter Pilot;
  3. Dam Busters;
  4. Spitfire '40;
  5. F-15 Strike Eagle;
  6. Tomahawk;
  7. A.C.E. Air Combat Emulator;
  8. Ace of Aces;
  9. Strike Force Harrier;
  10. Combat Lynx;
  11. Gunship;
  12. Top Gun;
  13. A.C.E. 2;
  14. Night Raider;
  15. Project Stealth Fighter;
  16. Afterburner;

On the Amiga 500 and 1200 I had:

  1. Combat Air Patrol;
  2. F-117 Nighthawk (Stealth Fighter 2);
  3. F-19 Stealth Fighter
  4. Gunship;
  5. Gunship 2000;
  6. Dogfight;
  7. Birds Of Prey;
  8. Flight Of The Intruder;
  9. Their Finest Hour;
  10. Battlehawks 1942;
  11. Fighter Bomber;
  12. F-29 Retaliator;
  13. AH-73 Thunderhawk;
  14. B-17 Flying Fortress;
  15. Knights Of The Sky;
  16. F-15 Strike Eagle 2;
  17. Tornado;
  18. Falcon;
  19. F-16 Combat Pilot;
  20. A320 Airbus;
  21. F/A-18 Interceptor;
  22. A-10 Tank Killer;
  23. MiG-29 Fulcrum;
  24. MiG-29M Super Fulcrum;
  25. Overlord;
  26. Proflight
  27. Chuck Yeagers Advanced Flight Trainer;
  28. Shuttle;
  29. Wings;

On the PC I have (currently):

  1. Strike Fighters Project 1;
  2. B-17 Flying Fortress The Mighty 8th;
  3. Janes USAF;
  4. Search & Rescue 4 Coastal Heroes; Lock On Modern Air Combat;
  5. Il-2 Sturmovik;
  6. Eastern Thunder (Il-2 add-on); Operation Barbarossa (Il-2 add-on);
  7. Il-2 Sturmovik Forgotten Battles; Operation Fall Blau (Forgotten Battles add-on);
  8. Combat Over Europe (Forgotten Battles add-on);
  9. Battle Over Europe (Forgotten Battles add-on);
  10. Il-2 Forgotten Battles Ace Expansion Pack;
  11. Pacific Fighters;
  12. Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 2;
  13. Battle of Britain Memorial Flight; Mustang Vs Fw190;
  14. Combat Jet Trainer;
  15. Sabre vs MiG;
  16. Mosquito Squadron;
  17. The Dam Busters;
  18. Pearl Harbor (2001)
  19. Xtreme Air Racing;
  20. Flight Simulator 2002 Professional;
  21. Flight Simulator 2000;
  22. Proflight 2000 (FS2000 ATC add-on);
  23. Flight Simulator 98;
  24. Janes F-15;
  25. MiG Alley;
  26. Joint Strike Fighter;
  27. Eurofighter Typhoon;
  28. Falcon 4.0 (plus Superpak add-ons);
  29. Janes F/A-18;
  30. Flanker 2.0 (plus 2.5 add-on); Janes WWII Fighters;
  31. Janes Israeli Air Force;
  32. Flight Unlimited 2;
  33. Flight Unlimited 3;
  34. Total Air War;
  35. F-22 Air Dominance Fighter; Red Sea Operations (F-22 ADF add-on); Su-27 Squadron Commanders Edition; Rowans Battle of Britain with BDG upgrades;
  36. Hind;
  37. F-16 Fighting Falcon;
  38. iF-22;
  39. Fair Strike;
  40. VFR Photographic Scenery vol#1,2,3&4 (FS2002 add-on);
  41. F/A-18 Forea;
  42. Hornet 3.0;
  43. Fly!

Previous sims (no longer in my collection) included:

Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator;
Navy Strike;
Flight Unlimited;
Flying Corps Gold;
Fleet Defender;
Janes Longbow 2;
Janes Fighters Anthology;
Janes ATF Advanced Tactical Fighters.

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Battle of Britain - Their Finest Hour
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Strike Aces / Fighter Bomber (1989)
Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer
F/A-18 SIMULATOR by Electronic Arts
F16 Combat Pilot
Combat Air Patrol
Flight of the Intruder
Tornado (1993)

Current software



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Rob 'Bomber' Henderson

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