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Rob "Bomber" Henderson - Library

Fave books

Eagle Day by R.Collier; Luftwaffe Fighter Aces by M.Spick;
Stalingrad by A.Beevor;
Billy Drake, Fighter Leader by C.Shores;
Fighters of the Luftwaffe by J.Dressel & M.Griehl;
Bombers of the Luftwaffe by J.Dressel & M.Griehl;
Strike from the Sky by A.McKee;
Black Cross Red Star series by C.Bergstrom & A.Mikhailov;
The Battle of Britain by R.T.Bickers;
Battle of Britain by N.Franks;
I Flew for the Fuhrer by H.Knoke,
Paddy Finucane: Fighter Ace by D.Stokes;
JG26 Top Guns of the Luftwaffe by D.L.Caldwell;
Fighters over Israel by L.Nordeen;
Bye Bye Black Sheep by M.Kawato;
Squadron Airborne by E.Trevor;
The Big Show by P.Clostermann;
Duel Under the Stars by W.Johnen;
Fighter Combat by R.Shaw;
Team Tornado by J.Peters & J.Nichol;
anything in the Airlife series;
anything in the Osprey series;
anything in the Aerospace series

As far as video's go, I have the following films on my shelf :

DVD(in no particular order)

Battle of Britain 1969
The Dam Busters 1954
The First of the Few 1942
Reach for the Sky 1956
Flight of the Intruder 1990
Memphis Belle 1990
The Right Stuff 1983
Black Hawk Down 2001
Behind Enemy Lines 2001
Top Gun 1986
(Band of Brothers)
Documentary video's include : I have quite a collection of aviation books, mostly as reference material because of my work as an aviation artist. Top titles include anything by the World Air Power Journal / Aerospace group ( if you've never seen any of their publications you really don't know what you're missing! ).

There are quite few big glossy picture books about, but the ones I would recommend on account of the their stunning photography are : Among the best reading material (both documentary & biographical), I would highly recommend the following : If you go through all these and don't get inspired, enlightened or moved in any way, then there's definitely something wrong with you ( maybe *you* should go back to PacMan or Space Invaders? )

On the lighter side, if you need a laugh you can't go wrong with anything by Bob Stevens - including the titles "If You Read Me, Rock The Tower!", "There I Was...", More "There I Was..." and "There I Was...Flat on my Back" ( all printed by Aeropublishers ). They are crammed full of cartoons & stories all based on real characters & events. You will laugh from beginning to end with these, that's a promise!

But if you want a break from aviation, look no further than the likes of Calvin & Hobbes by Bill Watterson for a touch of pure genius.

Read about it

Fighter Combat - Tactics and Manoeuvering by Robert Shaw

Rob 'Bomber' Henderson

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