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Rob "Bomber" Henderson - Software

My first taste of a computer sim was a game called Time Gate . It was early eighties and the computer, a ZX81.

This really got me hooked on the subject of aircombat and after much pestering I finally received my own Spectrum computer - a 128K. The first thing I bought? Two flight sims. A.C.E. (Air Combat Emulator) and Strike Force Harrier by Microsoft.

Fighter Pilot by Digital Integration by DI was one of those games that got loaded once after it was purchased and after crashing very quickly was put to one side for several months. I don't know what made me dig it out again, but I took the time to read the instructions ( this time!! ) and gave it a go and armed with a little knowledge, found it to be a good sim after all.

Fighter Pilot

F-15 Strike Eagle IF-15 Strike Eagle I. This was my first Microprose sim. It was very arcade in it's style compared to the others that I had flown until then.

The Dam Busters sim was the first one to involve multi-tasking. You could be pilot, engineer, gunner or bomb aimer - in fact you had to do all at some point in the mission.

A.C.E. 2, the sequel to A.C.E. (Air Combat Emulator), was a two player head-head sim. You could fly either a kind of F18/F16 crossbreed or some sort of MiG, like a cross between a MiG-21 Fishbed and a Flogger.

The best head-head two player I had was Top Gun . Flying F14 against F14, using what looked like Phoenix missiles but acted like Sparrows.

Rob 'Bomber' Henderson

Test pilot's paradise - that was Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer.

Gunship (1987) ! The first true helicopter sim - and what a subject! The mighty AH64 Apache. This really was a first class sim from start to finish.

Spitfire '40 . This was a dream come true after my time playing Time-Gate. Flying a real Spitfire against real Germans!

NIght Raider NIght Raider was like the big brother of Dam Busters. You had to fly the Grumman Avenger torpedo bomber as a member of the British Fleet Air Arm.

Project Stealth Fighter was an absolute corker - if you were willing to wait for the thing to load. It was a BIG game by Spectrum standards, and by far the most complex.

That's my memories of the Spectrum flight sims. After that comes the Amiga and PC.

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