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Dudley Henriques Dudley Henriques has flown at least seventy different types of airplanes, including experimental, prototype, and fighters, both jet and propeller. He has been flying high performance airplanes for over forty years. He holds commercial ratings for both single and multi-engine aircraft, and is a certified flight instructor. He is a professional civilian pilot.

Air Combat

AIrshow Flying
F-14 Tomcat at Pax River
P-51 Mustang - checklists included!
Mr. Henriques’ early life in aviation was the subject of a major feature article in the 1985 Reader’s Digest. His extended biography appears in "The History Of The P51 Mustang" Turner Publishing 1987.

Dudley Henriques retired from active flying in 1995 and continues in aviation as a consultant. Dudley Henriques with a T-38 Talon

Dudley Henriques with a T-38 Talon