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My first time!

Gunship (1987) for the Commodore 64. I had this on tape(!).

When we complain about missions taking too long to load in Falcon 4.0, hear this: 25 minutes to load a mission on the tape version of Gunship on the C64. Twenty-five minutes, I kid you not. Anyway, it was worth it.

Having the opportunity to shoot down the fearsome, triangular-shaped Mi-24 Hind-D made it worth every second. I played Gunship until I was blue in the face.

My Favourites

EF 2000. I own 4 copies of it: For me, this is the most engrossing sim I have ever had the pleasure of flying, and I still fly it today. It is not without its faults, but it has a that special something that still captivates me, 6 years after I bought the first version in November 1995.

Total Air War. As you can see, I am a huge fan of DID's flight sims (TFXis on the shelf as well, and if I ever come across the original F-29 RetaliatorPC version, I'll buy that too!). The campaign system was more advanced than EF 2000, and the option to be an AWACS controller was a brilliant touch as well. My single gripe with Total Air Warwas that you couldn't fly the EF2000, and there was too much sand in the terrain. I missed the murky colours of Scandinavia. However, Total Air Waris definitely a favourite, and in my eyes on of the most underrated sims ever released, maybe due to the messy debate over the price / add-on policy for owners of F-22 ADF.

Falcon 4.0. Not much introduction needed here. What can I say - it's a milestone in military flight simulation, and is still improving. The sim against which all future hardcore military flight sims will be measured. I haven't gotten into Falcon 4.0as much as I'd like though - it requires a serious investment of time to gain proficiency flying and fighting in the Falcon.

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