Exhibit: And there I was... Ripping Yarns

Comments: Pilots like a good yarn. A terrifying experience in the air can sometimes make a good yarn later on, when safely back on terra firma.

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  • "A computer simulator for RAF pilots is so complete in every detail of the north Wales landscape it even includes a rude message painted on a forestry worker's van.

    Steve Baughn was so annoyed by the noise of low-flying jets that he painted a plain-speaking sign on the roof of his van - P*** Off Biggles.

    Now it is one of the landmarks which student pilots come across when they use the new flight simulator at the RAF Valley base on Anglesey.

    The state-of-the-art simulator uses detailed satellite pictures of Wales and the van is shown parked next to Mr Baughn's remote cottage near Bala, Gwynedd.

    Mr Baughn painted a similar - but now faded - message on a barn 15 years ago.

    But the protest only increased noise levels as pilots changed their flight paths to take a look.
    - from BBC: RAF Sim so real the Welsh are included!