Francisco J. Campos
Francisco J. Campos
" My absolute first sim was Intercepteur Cobalt for the ZX Spectrum. I had a 16Kb Speccy by then, so I was only allowed to load the 'Pilot's Test' and the 'Take Off' module. Intercepteur Cobalt just had instrumental flight, and for a good reason: it was written entirely in BASIC, with no graphics. "
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  • Library: "It's difficult to get certain books and videos here in Spain, apart from Top Gun movie."
Francisco J. Campos Francisco's classic flight sim collection is growing again in DOS-box. Israeli Female Parachutist from New Hope Design
F-15 Pilot and cockpit. Flying Tigers blood chit - hand painted by Francisco de Campo Japanese WWII pilot in flying harness, with goggles and katana.  It's a 54mm scale metal miniature from an Italian brand.