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Francisco J. Campos
Francisco J. Campos

F-15 pilot F-15 pilot F-15 pilot F-15 pilot F-15 pilot

F15C EAGLE PILOT - "Viper"

The F-15 is an all weather tactical attack fighter weighing up to 68,000 pounds. It can operate at speeds up to 1,875 mph at altitudes up to 60,000 feet. The Eagle is capable of carrying a variety of ordinance and weapons for specific operations. F-15 Air Force pilots are highly trained individuals who operate these sophisticated machines in both defensive and first strike offensive roles.

(From BBi's Elite Force Aviator F-15C Pilot box)

BBi is brand specialized in 1/6 collector military figures, including several Air Force pilots. This wonderful scale model can be checked at: www.blueboxtoys.com

It was a birthday present from a good friend of mine, who knows about my f/sim and all air warfare-related items. The model is amazing in its design and detail. The box includes:
  • "Viper" pilot in full flight gear.
  • HGU-55/P helmet
  • Breathing equipment
  • Flight harness
  • Survival ordnance vest
  • Sunglasses
  • Wrist watch
  • Flashlight
  • Revolver and bullets
  • Two spare gloved-hands with different hand poses
  • Stand
  • Three decals for uniform
  • Elite Force Embroidered Patch
The figure is fully poseable and allows several combinations and poses using the included gear. Hands grasp items or they can be changed for spare ones (making an OK sign or an informal salutation).

All the details are highly accurate, including official marks and badges, real zippers, wires, straps and so on. BBI has in stock a complete F15C cockpit on same scale for this model, it can be seen at : www.blueboxtoys.com

For complete catalog, browse www.blueboxtoys.com . A wonderful collection item or the perfect gift for yourself or your favorite f/sim enthusiast...