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Chino (the "Optics Dude")

Chino - the "Optics Dude" " I was in a funny mood and was telling my brother about the old US Navy Fighters sim and how one of the RIO voices would say "C'mon, do some of that pilot shit." This got me sim-nostalgic and I wrote this song. SFX are from Falcon 4.0 (reinstalled for the occasion!)."

Download the song here : BFM by Bruce Irving

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BFM (I Got Us Killed Again)

A MiG on your six is better than no MiG at all
I stay up all night, hoping to get in a big fur-ball
They might be simulated enemies
Just bits in my PC
But the adrenalin rush feels pretty real to me

The guy in back says,
"Do some of that pilot shit,
And get us out of here!"
As my airspeed and ideas
Suddenly disappear
My wingman is winchester
We're headed for a dee-zas-ter
I forgot my BFM
And I got us killed again

The lights of Baghdad are filling up my screen
And the triple-A blossoms are sprouting in night-vision green
We got the target in our sights
Though it's hard to keep the laser on that spot
When you're jinkin' like a rabbit tryin' to save your butt


I can't even count the times I've been dead
The wife says it's 3 a.m., when you comin' to bed?
I say, he got me six times, now I'm gonna get him,
So I switch to missiles,
One more mission, honey, God I love this sim!


Words & music by Bruce Irving (c) 2002
Nov. 25, 2002

Bruce Irving at Soundclick

US Navy Fighters ushered in one of the most popular ever series of air combat sims.
US Navy Fighters