Mario D’onofrio

  • content_pasteMario Joined Psygnosis Ltd in 1994 after completing a BSc in Mathematics and an MSc in Computing at Imperial College, London. In his time at Psygnosis he has worked on all aspects of game development, choosing to specialise in the field of graphics and visualisation. He has worked on Playstation, PC DOS and Win95 platforms. He had major contributions to Assault Rigs, G-Police and Special Forces. His work on these projects has been used on other Psygnosis products including Overboard! and G-Police 2, and some recent techniques have been used on new Playstation software . Over the last year he has been responsible for developing a new PC 3D engine for the Stroud studio for Special Forces using many new techniques to make best use of new and upcoming 3D cards and directX. - courtesy of Hasbro, 2000
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