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David Eckert: Flight Sim Programmer
Name: David Eckert


I have been dabbling in flightsim since I first had a single floppy version running on a Mac 512k about 15 years ago. It displayed 16 shades of gray but I was still able to make out the outline of the San Francisco Bay Area. I was amazed. My buddy then got a new 386 PC and loaded the first color version of Microsoft

Flight Simulator. Wow! Color! It looked so real. I was hooked.

I tried my hand at designing with Aircraft Factory 99 but didn't have much luck. Soon after, FS Design Studio was released.

Kaman HH-43 Huskie
Kaman HH-43 Huskie for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000

My first model was a Kaman HH-43 Huskie helicopter. My father had just passed away and he loved that little helicopter. He served on them as a crew chief in the later 1950's and early 1960's. Modeling the helicopter reminded me of him and so I wanted it to be the best it could be.

I was soon hooked on designing add-on aircraft.

This hobby combined my life-long love of aviation, my computer skills and graphic design skills into something I love. By building the aircraft I wanted to build I could finally fly the aircraft I wanted to fly.

After 3-4 freeware releases I was approached to build add-on aircraft for money. I have done commercial work for Just Flight, Lago and Abacus. I have been working with Abacus for almost 5 years now and enjoy the folks there and the work I do for them.

Each model I build can take from a few months to years of work depending on time, complexity and available research material.

David Eckert
From www.daviator.com - 2006

Flight Sim Projects

A complete list of David Eckert's projects is at www.daviator.com

A sample list

Sopwith Camel
A Sopwith Camel for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, since Microsoft deleted this favourite from Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002, with David's model you can fly it again!

Boeing Stearman as described in Steven Coonts book "Cannibal Queen". - for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002.

Battle of Britain Memorial Flight - 2001
Battle of Britain Memorial Flight - Aircraft textures.