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Steve Eschweiler
Exhibit: Steve Eschweiler

Official site: www.steveeschweiler.com

"I have a passion for 3D Game Development and creating compelling user experiences. I love learning new things and I enjoy finding elegent solutions to complex software engineering problems. There's never been a challenge I haven't been able to overcome and I know from experience that there's nothing I can't do. I am able to work independently as well as with a team and am able to take direction as required to get the job done."

Steven J. Eschweiler

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Simulations in the Museum

Black Knight Marine Strike Fighter (1995) Black Knight Marine Strike Fighter (1995)
Exhibit: Black Knight Marine Strike Fighter (1995)

Developer: SE Software
Publisher: FormGen
Platform: PC / DOS
Collection: Yes
Comments: This sim ran smooth and fast. It included a thorough interactive training system.