FlyingSinger reported:

I found a new free navigation map mod that's integrated with MSFS called FSPM VFR MAP. flightsim.to: FSPM VFR MAP.

I tried it out and decided that I still prefer Little NavMap as my primary flight planning and tracking tool.

It works well on my second monitor with many great features. But FSPM has one trick that LNM lacks, teleportation.

You can select any point on the map and put your plane there at any desired heading, speed, and altitude. Even if itís in space! Well 270,000 feet is as high as I have tried. The Eurofighter tumbles like a leaf from there (43,730 FPM descent) but around 68,000 feet it starts to fly.


I put a section of my video on YouTube. The cockpit view is pretty chaotic. Unknown rotational G's but it doesn't look especially survivable.

It reminds me of the scene in the Neil Armstrong biopic ?First Man? (2018) where the Gemini 8 spacecraft (in 1965) is spinning out of control while docked to the Agena upper stage.

Armstrong blacks out, wakes up, they undock, and he is eventually able to regain control. The director doesn't cut to any external CGI views to emphasize scariness of the situation for Armstrong and Scott. The light doesn't change as much in my video as the Eurofighter maintains a mostly nose-down orientation unlike the spacecraft which was spinning wildly in darkness.

That scene was actually a LOT scarier. Here it is....