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Wild Bill Stealey

F-15 Strike Eagle II   Wild Bill Stealey  
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"Wild Bill" Stealey has recently (2003) rejoined IEN as CEO." My goal is to have a profitable series of products based on WarBirds. I would like to see a flying sim for every period of airborne conflict the United States has participated in, Dawn of Aces, WW II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm. I would like to have a civilian simulator that would allow the players to fly Cessna's, Pipers, WarBirds, over the US using current IFR and VFR rules. I would like to have a Total Sim series that included great land and tank battles (the WarBirds team tells me we could do that with WarBirds III!)" (From an interview at www.furball.warbirdsiii.com).

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