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Your web site is awesome.

Everithing, for me, started with F-19 Stealth Fighter .

F-19 Stealth Fighter

I still remember one night I went Back to the office, where my 286 was, just to play it until 3 AM. Driving back home I still remembered those red pentagon that were designating Ground Targets.

I was also playing Gunship (1987) at that time, and Chuck Yeager's Air Combat.

Gunship - 1980's Apache sim.

Chuck Yeager's Air Combat- 1990 Chuck Yeager's Air Combat- 1990

I was 20 years old at that time. Ah yes, I remember many hours playing F-19 Stealth Fighter (1989) on an Atari ST and F-117A Stealth Fighter on a PC laptop!

F-19 Stealth Fighter F-117A Stealth Fighter

Then came the 486 (my own computer this time) along with TFX. .... I don't think any othe simulation EVER gave me as much emotions as that one. Awesome clouds and lightning!


Then EF 2000 by Digital Image Design , Longbow , F-22 ADF and most recently Falcon 4.0 and now F/A-18 by Janes.

Your web site is beautiful, and gave me some emotions rediscovering such old pieces of software, and still so beautiful.

From Paolo, Feb 2000