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As a fellow Aussie. I am so proud of your Olympic section on your site.

I am from Sydney myself. I got home early that night from the F-111 flight because I had to fly out overseas the next day.

When I step out of my house, I heard noise as if a jet was flying... but couldn't see where it was and it sounded very loud. I looked up and I just saw a flame light up. The afterburner, and then a small burn, and then it switched off again. I live in the Canterbury region so I am very close to the stadium.

Then I ran back into the house and checked out the ceremony on the TV. After the F-111 went over the harbour bridge, I saw it came straight towards my suburb... it was amazing! A flaming fire ball coming straight towards my direction. It wasn't like a trail because the flame was behind the jet which was flying toward me... it looked like a fireball came out of the sky!

I grabbed my camera as quickly as I could... but as soon as I went to snap a photo they switched off the burner... "Bugger!"

Hope you had a ball during the Olympics. Travelling overseas telling people about the Olympics was probably one of my proudest times during overseas in Asia and Europe.


Albert aka Recker
389th Thunderbolt VFS
Sydney Australia.