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I have the boxes for A-10 Tank Killer, and have already scanned them. I'll save them as jpg's and send them to you compressed. I have the original boxes for both games, along with several other old games - F117A Stealth Fighter etc - all complete with original manuals, registration cards, etc...

I started playing Tank Killer in 1989, when I was ten (or eleven... I can't remember when during the year it was released...) I was hooked immediately, and when I learned of version 1.5, I irritated my father enough for him to pre-order a copy for me... to this day, I still sometimes get the music beeping from the pc speaker stuck in my head...

I found your site through Home of the underdogs and wanted to check it out to see what info it had on early flight sims.

I can't remember which version it was, but when I was 5 or 6 my father amazed me by bringing home a friend's copy of MS Flight Sim... It was monochrome, wireframed, hard to learn to use (especially for a 5-6 year old...) but extremely addicting. Since then I have loved Computer flight Sims, and tonight I have downloaded a copy of 1.5... My originals are 5&1/2's, and I no longer have access to such decrepit (and fun) machines... I miss the IBM pc my dad sold for twenty bucks... (he should have kept it, for nostalgia's sake...).

I don't think I'll ever get rid of the A-10 boxes, as they represent why I never had many friends in grade school... I was too busy flying.

Steve O'Neill