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I'm fairly new to sims...

Ivor Hughes wrote:

"Hi MigMan

Thanks for the tips. I didn't have much joy on altavista re US Navy Fighters specifically but I'll try the wider DOS thing and see what I can dredge up.

I'm fairly new to sims but have been enjoying European Air War a lot - having been a child of the Airfix generation it was a big thrill to be able to "fly" all those old birds after all those years just building kits and reading about them. I have an early Pentium MMX box so I am limited in what will work and it's a bit galling to find backward compatibility also such a big a problem!

I'm presently making a start with Novalogic's Mig 29 Fulcrum and enjoyed reading the pieces on your site, which is a good source on so many flight sims. I'm not a pilot so I'm quite happy with those sims which simplify (or allow you to simplify) things so you can get - and stay - in the virtual air and blow things up.

Not that I'm blowing up much at the moment - I spent about 10 minutes last night, having used up all my missiles, twisting about after a lowly F7 (Chinese version of the MiG-21) trying to nail him with the cannon. I'm not very good at ACM at the best of times (prefer tackling B17s and B24s in a Bf110G) and that radar gunsight takes a bit of getting used to. Had to break off when I got a low fuel warning but the bugger came after me and shot me down - cheek! At least I'm getting pretty good at ejecting :   )

Falcon 4 runs passably on my box and I suppose I ought to get into that as it seems to be regarded as about the best modern air combat sim and has a good following. But I do like that big Soviet bird and that lovely scenery!
All the best and good luck."